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Create a visually-appealing table to make information easy to understand Wrapping your head around multiple options can be challenging.

20 Comparison Infographic Templates and Data Visualization Tips

Especially if the information is technical. Sure, you could use a spreadsheet. But an infographic table is an effective way to show multiple options. Icons and strategic color use help keep the snores at bay, while also making the information easier to understand. Use colors strategically in your comparison infographic template to influence decision making Colors influence how we perceive information.

Definition of Contrast

Colors can help influence what people perceive to be the right choice and the wrong choice. For a more examples of how you can use colors strategically, read our guide to color selection. Compare myths in one column directly with the truth in another column. When you create an infographic, you have the opportunity to get creative with your design. Arrange the text and visuals on your infographic to reflect the theme of your information.

Split your infographic horizontally to show gains and losses—literal upsides and downsides. Use a venn diagram template to show overlapping points A classic venn diagram is a great way to show where two things differ and where they overlap. If a typical venn diagram seems too boring, you can spice it up by using brightly contrasting colors and icons. For example, this venn diagram template uses icons to emphasize each point in the circles: Create timelines to compare journeys or similar processes Do you want to compare journeys for your different customer personas?

Or the new employee onboarding processes for different departments? There are a whole bunch of reason why you would want to compare timelines. Use different colors for each timeline to help them stand apart. You can also use icons to code the information—to show where there are similarities, and where the different timelines diverge. Use charts to compare metrics for different segments Perhaps you want to compare the same metric across different user segments, different channels, or different time period.

Using the same type of chart to compare data can highlight the differences.

Why Compare and Contrast?

For example, this comparison infographic template uses a pie chart to compare four customer segments: This will help your design look consistent.

For example, take a look at how this comparison infographic template uses icons. The icons on the organic side of the circle are vibrant and colorful, while the icons on the GMO side are flat and one-note. This helps drive home the idea that organic foods are the more appealing option.

Analogy and Analogical Reasoning

You can also use a contrasting color to help them really pop out from the page. Use a quadrant layout to compare four things A quadrant layout shows four options sides-by-side. Similar to how you can use two different colors to differentiate between two options, you can use four colors to help each quadrant stand out.

Take a look at how this quadrant comparison infographic uses contrasting colors for each quadrant. Arrows also act as visual cues to indicate the direction in which the information should be read: Including photos and illustrations in your infographics can help make data more meaningful to readers. Pick a photo that illustrates the topic or theme of your data.

Compare & Contrast Essay: Definition, Topics & Examples

Then, use a transparent color overlay to help your text pop from the background. You can do this using the color picker tool in Venngage.

Instead, people may fall somewhere in the middle. A slider rating scale allows you to get an exact percentage rating.