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Thesis on othello as a tragic hero

Othello is known to the senators and the rest of the characters as a great war hero full of pride and courage.

  • Thou teaches t me" 31-33;
  • Othello's decision to choose Cassio fosters a deep resentment in the eyes of Iago, his one time good friend and confidant;
  • His f llll from high to low estate is clearly visible;
  • He now sees himself as a man deceived, by both Desdemona and Cassio, a man full of jealousy, and a man whose honor is now in question;
  • He clearly was a man of nobility, of noble character and held in a very high estate;
  • In one of his last speeches to Desdemona in Act 3, Scene 3, Othello chides himself for becoming angry with his wife and following her departure remarks to himself "Excellent wretch!

Iago, knowing that Othello is overly trusting, takes advantage of that fact to manipulate Othello into doing whatever he wanted. It was Othello who jumped to the conclusion that Desdemona should die. Even though Iago said he would take care of Cassio, it was Othello agin that jumped to the conclusion that Iago would kill Cassio.

How is Othello a tragic hero in Shakespeare

By isolating himself from everyone except Iago, Othello made it especially easy for Iago to influence him and his course of action. No, Othello was responsible for his decisions meaning this play is a drama of character.

Othello: A Tragic Hero Essay

An example of a drama of intrigue would be Romeo and Juliet. They had neither control nor power in stopping the outside events that ultimately tore them apart.

This is different from Othello and Desdemona. With Othello and Desdemona, Othello had complete control in ending the confusion.

But no, Othello let Iago control the situation in what Othello thought at the time was Iago trying to help him.

  1. Mehl, Dieter, Shakespeare's Tragedies.
  2. He clearly was a man of nobility, of noble character and held in a very high estate. Conflicting emotions, suspicious natures and feelings of betrayal lead to the ultimate - revenge.
  3. He began in this illustrious play by displaying all those positive traits which man continues to search for in order to fulfill a long and happy life.
  4. His position as Governor-General, the allegiance from both the people of Venice and his soldiers and his confidence in himself can all be considered major contributors to his overall negative character flaws.
  5. Otherwise, the rest of us--mere mortals--would be unable to identify with the tragic hero.

By doing this, Othello made it too easy for Iago to influence his decisions. The way the events of Othello interacted with each other in a way that made it seem like everything happened for a reason shows the literary merit of the play and how Shakespeare wrote it. The events of the play fit so perfectly with each other, it was almost too coincidental that the events happened in the way they did.

Othello/ Othello The Tragic Hero term paper 9700

However, Shakespeare made it so everything was done purposefully when he wrote the play. Everything had a purpose in conveying the story of Othello. By doing this, the play shows great literary merit. In conclusion, the play Othello shows many characteristics described by Aristotle in what makes a piece of literary work a tragedy. Othello was a high ranking person in society full of happiness only to lose it all due to his fatal flaws of jealousy and pride.

  1. Othello's second most noticeable character flaw is that of jealousy. Free essays on Othello posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only.
  2. The tragic hero possesses a human tendency to make error in judgment.
  3. Free essays on Othello posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. Othello is first shown as a hero of war and a man of great pride and courage.
  4. Although Iago planted seeds of jealousy, Othello lacked self control.
  5. From a place of honor, the hero has fallen through some tragic flaw.

As opposed to a drama of intrigue where outside events influence the character. Due to the purposeful writing of Shakespeare of the events in the play, Othello shows great literary merit along with being a tragedy.

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