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The two differing stories of creation in the book of genesis in the bible

In one, man is created before other animals. In the other, man is God's final creation.

What is the Relationship Between the Creation Accounts in Genesis 1 and 2?

How do religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses which believe in a totally literal interpretation of the Bible deal with this contradiction? Malcolm Mann, Athens Greece Given that God is in charge of the space-time contiuum it's perfectly feasible that he did it both ways in a single act of creation.

Mark, Bristol UK All biblical "fundamentalists" who calim to believe every word of the Bible as revealed truth are actually fibbing.

If you have friends who believe the Bible is all revealed truth, tape record the Book of Numbers and send it to them as a Christmas present. John Mullen, Paris France They no-doubt deal with it in exactly the same way that they deal with all the other contradictions in the Bible - they ignore it or say that God did it to make us have faith.

Pennie, Nottingham UK By using the same technique they use to reconcile all the other contradictions in the bible - they simply choose whichever "truth" suits their purpose at the time, and ignore all else.

Basic logical facts and physical laws take second place, the Almighty always knows best.

  1. When did God create the animals? The account in Genesis 2.
  2. In contrast, the second story depicts not the creation of the sky or heavenly sphere but the formation of shrubs, fields, earth, and a garden. However, a good and plausible translation of Genesis 2.
  3. He has published articles on creation theology in the Old Testament, the problem of suffering, and the dynamics of human and divine power in biblical narratives.
  4. In Gen 1 , God is distant, creating through speech according to a master plan. For example, though the stories describe some of the same events, they order them differently.

Andy Lomax, Tromso Norway The same way that religious fundamentalists deal with all such contradictions - they ignore them. When considering such unbending doctrines it's always wise to remember that the "totally literal interpretation" of the bible or whatever book applied is their own "literal interpretation", so they can make it mean whatever they want it to.

Is this too cynical? This is a quality bestowed on us by God so that we are able to believe two or more totally contradictory things without asking why. Hence when a JW comes to your door, they can believe that you really want to talk to them when the evidence of their eyes tells them otherwise.

Finn Rae, UK Creationists believe that the first account is the general overview of the whole of creation and the second goes back into detail about man being created. Makes sense to me. They use three methods to interpret scripture: God created all things, in six stages, described in the bible as days, which were periods of time probably many hundreds or thousands of years in length.

Unlike religions who ascribe some elements of their doctrine to divine mysteries which humans should not cannot understandJW's have a scriptural basis for their teaching. Teachings are never drawn from tradition or from other pools of philosophy but are derived only from consistent interpretation of bible passages. As stated above, the book of Genesis contains two views of creation. It is not a book written in chronological order so cannot be read like a diary where one event happens literally after the next, according to the order they appear on the page.

Adrian, Kingston UK I have searched to find where it is that you refer to man being created before animals and I cannot find it. Can you give the scripture verses for me to look it up? God makes man, then all the trees and plants, then the animals, then finally the woman. In the first story he makes them both together at the end. The original explanation for the two stories was that the first one happened first, but the woman made at the same time as the manlater named Lilith, got a bit above herself and thought she was as good as him.

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God couldn't have that, of course, so he drove her out and started again in chapter two with Adam and Eve. Lilith became the mother of all the devils. Hence, women who think themselves as good as men are daughters of Lilith and thus evil. I know it's rubbish, but you can rationalise anything if you really want to. And people did believe it - some still do. Chap 2 it doesn't say that he created animals after man just that he had already created them and that he brought them to adam in the garden to have him name them.

Then he created eve from adams rib which is really what the chap is about.