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The problem of rape in modern society

When I came forward to report what happened, instead of support, many well-meaning people close to me asked me questions about what I was wearing, if I had done something to cause the assault, or if I had been drinking.

This is rape culture – and look at the damage it does

These questions about my choices the night of my assault — as opposed to the choices made by my rapist — were in some ways as painful as the violent act itself. I had stumbled upon rape culture: Rape is a horrific crime, and rapists are despised.

  • Go here to learn what to do about rape on your campus;
  • Is 1 in 6 men being abused before the age of 18 a cultural norm?

Is 1 in 6 men being abused before the age of 18 a cultural norm? These statistics are not just shocking, they represent real people.

Rape culture is a real and serious, and we need to talk about it. Simply put, feminists want equality for everyone and that begins with physical safety.

What can we learn from other countries when it comes to rape convictions?

Men who are sometimes our sports heroes, political leaders, buddies, boyfriends and fathers? This conversation is meant to be a tool to educate people about what rape culture is, how to spot it, and how to combat it. The hashtag immediately took off and trended nationally for hours on the strength of personal stories and advocates sharing information about victim blaming, bystander intervention, and healthy masculinity.

  1. But most rapists believe that everyone does it.
  2. Men who are sometimes our sports heroes, political leaders, buddies, boyfriends and fathers?
  3. Key survey findings While overall the NCAS findings showed stability in many areas, some key attitudes regarding sexual violence had worsened since the survey was last run in 2009.
  4. What's more, you can't tell if you're in the presence of a rapist. And then explain why.
  5. Younger people aged 16 to 25 generally had poorer attitudes about sexual assault. Like how girls have to cover up more than boys in dress codes.

The level of engagement is an illustration of how many people wanted to speak out about this issue many are too afraid to touch. The following statements are made up of contributions the RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag as well as the myriad personal stories of survivors with the courage to speak out: Rape culture is when women who come forward are questioned about what they were wearing.

  • We can start with early education with young people, delivering programs that teach respectful relationships and sexual ethics as the basis for consent;
  • Report abuse on Facebook;
  • It is comforting, perhaps, to criticise other nations for their attitudes towards women and to tell ourselves that in Australia women are treated equally and with respect;
  • So how can that be, of course, other than people making excuses and wrongfully making accusations;
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Rape culture is when cyberbullies take pictures of sexual assaults and harass their victims online after the fact, which in the cases of Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons tragically ended in their suicides.

Rape culture is when, in 31 states, rapists can legally sue for child custody if the rape results in pregnancy.

  • EverydaySexism This shifts all the focus onto victims, while perpetrators are not addressed at all;
  • You'll not only be healthier yourself, but you'll be simultaneously calling into being a media ecosystem that will be healthier for everyone;
  • Speak up for what you really really want;
  • And the idea of rape becomes fair game for public jokes;
  • Because so much victim-blaming relies on outdated ideas about women and men's sexuality, taking the time to figure out what you actually want from sex for yourself and learning how to speak up about it can be a revolutionary act, and inspire others to follow suit.

Rape culture is when college campus advisers tasked with supporting the student body, shame survivors who report their rapes.

The truth is ugly. But by denying the obvious we continue to allow rapists to go unpunished and leave survivors silenced. She writes about national politics, candidates, and specific policy and culture issues including domestic violence, sexual assault, victim blaming and gender inequality.

Rape Culture Is Real