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The mystery of the unidentified flying objects ufos

Since man first started looking up into the skies he saw things he couldn't explain. For the last fifty years or so these things have taken on the label "UFOs.

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For the Air Force, though, it is simply a term to refer to something in the skies that the observer can see but not recognize. Usually the explanation is less extraordinary than a flying saucer manned by visitors from other worlds. Often a weather balloon or natural phenomenon is the cause. However, there are cases on record where no good explanation was ever found.

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Can their traces be found in the pages of historical books? The Mysterious Airship of 1896 - Was the airship seen in the sky in 1896 and 1897 a exterrestiral visitor?

Flying Saucers - Just what qualifies as a flying saucer? Did they really recover an extraterrestrial flying saucer? Project Blue Book - The U. Was it enlightenment of cover-up?

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Encounters of the Second Kind - Incidents marked by the UFO having some kind of tangible effect on the Earth environment, such as burn marks or radioactivity. Close encounters of the Third Kind - Reports of interaction between witnesses and the crew of the alien spaceship.

Alien Abductions - Stories of people who claim they were actually forced aboard a UFO by the occupants. Typically the subjects are examined by the aliens, then released. While these reports are rare when compared to the number of close encounters of the first or second kind, many people from different walks of life have reported this strange experience.

Saint Elmo's Fire - Strange electrical phenomenon may fool casual, and often even expert, observers.

Man-made Objects - Cases of mistaken identity involving man-made craft. Are many of these just innocent mistakes or part of a military cover-up? Real Flying Saucers - The history of disc shaped aircraft. Hoaxes UFO Hoax - How many of those reports of flying saucers are the result of somebody just making something up? Some evidence is beginning to appear that suggests this isn't true.

If so, what does this mean about life on other planets? Copyright 1996-2010 Lee Krystek.