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The legend of kuan yin and the

Guanyin was originally male and dwelled on an Indian Mountain. In Buddhist scriptures, Guanyin has vast magic powers and is capable of saving people by listening to their voices and liberating them from sufferings.

As a result, people contribute their piety to Guanyin.

Legend of Kwan Yin

However, most of them are concerned with their practical benefits and expect Guanyin, whose image precisely meets such psychology, to assist solving their present problems instead of waiting to get salvation after death, which can be considered as the common characteristics of religious beliefs among the Chinese. Another frequent image of Guanyin is that she usually holds a lotus blossom or a willow twig.

Emperor Wenzong has a special hobby of eating clams, ordered clams for three of his five meals, each and every day. However, based on the geographic position of Xian, it was a great barrier to bring clams from the sea to the imperial palace.

The Goddess of Mercy

Such a delicacy the emperor ate was through the bitter labors of thousands. To ensure the freshness of the clams, every day in the dim light before dawn, clams would be gathered by the ocean fishermen of Zhejiang and then packed by porters in cold seaweed, wet sand and ice, then rapidly loaded on relay mounts that sped the Imperial highway. Day after day, the laborers suffered a lot from the process of hard work; many of them are living in misery, until one incident shocked the entire palace.

One day, the Royal chef discovered an unusual clam in grand size. The clam was enormous-twenty times the usual shell,-surely an imperial clam meant for the Imperial Palate.

  1. If you can procure me this favour, I will not fail to reward you later. In it five hundred nuns give themselves up to the study of the true doctrine and the way of perfection.
  2. The King and Queen wished to find for her a man famous for knowledge and virtue, capable of ruling the kingdom, and worthy of being the successor to the throne.
  3. You are the object of my especial regard.
  4. The King called out in indignation.

As the Clam Shell Opener stepped up to pry the shell apart, however, he found the shell sealed like iron; the clam was as tight as a rock crevice on the slope of Mount Tai.

Emperor Wenzong heard about this and commanded the opener to let him take a closer look. All of a sudden, as if by signal, the clam began to open automatically.

Legend of Guanyin in China

The emperor gasped at what he saw. There, standing inside, was a finely detailed, miniature, astonishingly sweet statue of the Goddess of Mercy, the Bodhisattva Guanyin, exquisitely carved. Then the Emperor realized that Guanyin —the Buddhist Goddess-who hears even the smallest call for mercy from even the tiniest voice in the empire-had taken pity on the boat men, the fisher folk, the portage men and relay riders, even the royal cooks-all who served his royal taste and royal whim.

He realized that the purpose that Guanyin show up in the grand clam is to warn him; she would watch over mankind in times of fear and danger. Partly Refer to "In the Realm of the Gods: