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Resume writing services are they worth it

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But is hiring a resume writer the right decision for you? With the large number of applicants vying for jobs, catching the attention of hiring managers with a strong resume and cover letter is a must.

In the past few years, professional resume writers and writing service companies have popped up to help job seekers turn out professional documents. But should you hire such a service?

Why Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Is Worth It

Candidates who have a negative online reputation may want someone who can smoothly turn a phrase and improve their image. If you do feel professional writing would improve your resume, there are both pros and cons of hiring a resume writer.

Should You Write Your Own Resume or Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Here are a few aspects of outsourcing writing tasks that will help you make a strategic decision: PROS Quality writing The new hiring paradigm involves waiting until the perfect candidate comes along. For many jobs, the ability to write clearly and effectively is essential. This includes any job with customer contact such as sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. A well-written resume will ensure you come across as a quality candidate for any job.

More employers are expanding job descriptions and increasing duties to compensate for the perceived instability in the economic climate.

  • The best writing services will assign writers who have specific industry insights;
  • Not all job seekers have the skill.

Often this involves writing your own reports and interacting more with customers with decreased support staff. Many resume writing services have been in business for years and track industry trends.

One more step

Their writers are trained in how to respond to the demands of HR professionals and hiring managers. Insider knowledge is an intangible benefit worth the cost of using a service.

  • In fact, most have been tossed by screeners based on quality before they ever make it to my desk;
  • Clarity and image are extremely important;
  • Hiring managers sometimes expect perfection from job seekers;
  • Your professionally written resume may include a standardized cover letter.

Spell and grammar checks in your word processing program can ensure a minimum level of quality, and that may be all you need. Many resume writing services are so busy they now just churn out resumes, many of which read the same.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Resume Writer

Hiring an independent writer via Craigslist is one option to cut costs. Your professionally written resume may include a standardized cover letter. For many, this dilemma makes the decision not to use a resume writer easy. The pros and cons of hiring someone to write your resume professionally need to be carefully weighed.

Do professional resume writers really help?

The process is not for everyone, but for some, the benefits can outweigh the downsides. Creativity and style could be a more appropriate way to land your new job! Sarah Boisvert is an author who writes on a variety of business and innovation topics. She also covers social media and online reputation management.