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Pros and cons for does age matter in relationships

If you want to use it you simply need to attribute it by linking to this page or to https: Thanks Age gap in relationships is something people discuss very often. More so when women are older than men. But does age matter in love? Join our debate Gender, age gap and love Many still consider age gap a taboo, in particular in the case women are older than men.

Usually, relationships with wider age gaps are more common among people with a lower levels of education and income, and in certain ethnic communities. In many traditional societies men often married younger women. Patriarchic and sexist attitudes persist.

Sometimes relationships have been often considered means for procreation. Since biologically men reproductive age is longer, older man- younger woman type of couple was usually considered acceptable.

Another reason was for that was a rational choice explanation: Breadwinners, usually men, become "more appealing partner". Age is less of a problem for having babies and income inequality between men and women is slowly decreasing. It is increasingly common to find older woman - younger man relationships. TV shows and films such as "The Graduate", "Cougar Club", and "Cougar Town", depict middle age women having affairs with much younger men. What has become acceptable on the screen is it also acceptable in real life?

Does age matter in relationships? Tipically, couples who differ widely in age are also more likely to cohabit than marry. Some people consider that age gap is an insumountable barrier, others on the contrary, think age gap has important advantages.

There is no conclusive research evidence on whether a large age gap is conducive to failure in a relationship or not or on which is the "ideal" or "maximum acceptable" age gap? Family, level of income, stability are dimensions we tend to consider when assessing this problem.

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  • Join our debate Gender, age gap and love Many still consider age gap a taboo, in particular in the case women are older than men;
  • Although some states set a lower minimum age of consent, you could still be seen as predatory if a wide age gap exists.

These are some of the arguments people tend to use: Power relation within the couple: Sometimes the older person may have more experience and gravitas than the younger one, but not always. Often the younger in the couple may have the capacity to do things that the older cannot.

Does age matter in relationships? Is age difference a problem?

This could be both good or bad for the couple. Good as one person may support the other, bad if the discrepancy in worldviews creates frictions. Capacity to have babies and to take care of them: People learn how to be more empathic and better satisfy others and themselves.

Willingness to commit to a relationship: Although that is not always the case. Sometimes older people have come to the conclusion that in life relations are very fulfilling for a limited amount of time. Life goals and interests: There could be important discrepancies across ages.

Does Age Matter in Long-Term Relationships?

Watch these videos with some of the pros and cons of age gaps in relationships: Based on your experiences, tell us if you think disparity in age usually interferes with love. Are age gap relationships better for women? Is age difference a problem? Vote and tell us why in the comment section below. Vote to see result and collect 1 XP. Your vote is anonymous.

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Relationship Advice: The Pros and Cons of the Dating Age Gap

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