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Opportunity knocks on a door only once

If you say "No", I won't dare to believe you: D Anyway, do you agree that "Opportunity knocks only once"? Why or why not? In my opinion, an opportunity is like running water in the river which will never return if you let it go.

An opportunity that already knocked at you will never again knock same as the way it is.

Opportunity Knocks Only Once

If it will knock again, it will be different - could be better or worse. Most of the time, the same opportunity will never come back. If it will and is the same as is, then you must be one of the luckiest persons.

But we all know that life is not only about luck. If opportunity only knocks once, should we grab all opportunity coming in our way?

Opportunity knocks only once.

Some people may think that it's not possible to grab every opportunity. I think there's nothing wrong in taking each and every chance as long as you are doing it one at a time. I mean, take one opportunity after the other.

If you grab a certain opportunity and found out that it's not working on you, then let it go.

Essay on opportunity knocks but once

At least you have tried and gave your best: D Opportunities are still opportunities. They knock and go if you won't let them in.

Opportunity knocks on a door only once

Sometimes, great opportunity seldom knocks. So while it's knocking on your doorsteps, why not let it in? Opportunities are our chances to grow so if you think you should be grabbing it, then grab it.


Successful people are those who grab chances and take risks. They are the people who are known to be risk takers or opportunist. They are the people who dodge their inhibitions and who are not afraid to fall. Successful people are opportunity grabber. They are open to thoughts, changes, and possibilities.

Lastly, I got this message from a friend and I want to share it here: You are still young so do your best to reach your goal! Don't wait till you got old to start!