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Four elements of financial management within health care organizations


When you first make the decision to get involved in the healthcare field, you may have a limited understanding as to exactly what kinds of specialties exist within each discipline.

When it comes to healthcare administration, there is a long list of specialties that you can focus on when you get started. But some of those specialized fields can be much more awesome than the others.

The healthcare industry offers some of the most complex finance situations you would ever come across. When you decide to get involved in the financial management side of healthcare administration, you will face several years of rigorous economics and accounting classes.

But if you want to get right to the heart of what makes healthcare administration an exciting and important profession, then financial management is where you would go. Your responsibilities would include creating budgets for your organization, mapping out spending projections for the next few years and considering investments in the newest medical equipment. You will also become intimately involved in dealings with insurance companies and other financial entities.

Many facilities are lacking in the necessary amount of nurses, doctors and research personnel to get the job done.

As a manpower systems analysis expert, you would monitor the availability of personnel and then put together work schedules that will insure proper medical personnel coverage for your patients.

  1. These clinics typically provide first-level diagnostic services. This is a job that will keep you busy constantly and on the cutting edge of healthcare technology.
  2. The broad term of hospital manager is often considered to be one of the pinnacles of a healthcare administration career.
  3. This ensures that the board always consists of experienced as well as new members.
  4. It gets money from the entire spectrum of medical care, from tests to surgery to rehabilitative services.
  5. Recruitment Board recruitment is an essential component of organizational sustainability.

This a challenging job, but it can also be extremely rewarding as you get to work side by side with some of the most brilliant medical minds in the country. This is the job to have if you want to meet the brightest minds the healthcare industry has to offer.

The daily challenges of running one of these large organizations gives you a sense of responsibility that is hard to duplicate in any other aspect of healthcare administration. But with that huge sense of responsibility also comes a sense of accomplishment when things go right. The broad term of hospital manager is often considered to be one of the pinnacles of a healthcare administration career.

You will spend years gaining the experience and background necessary to be successful in this important administrative position.

But it is the hospital human resources professional that actually goes out and recruits that talent. When you get involved with hospital human resources, you will find that you need a broad educational background that allows you to differentiate good employment candidates from the bad ones.

This is the kind of position that requires an educational focus on human resources studies, healthcare administration and healthcare services.

  • Monitoring has been applied, both at single-hospital level, at hub-and-spoke area level, and at medical team level entire network within a given medical area;
  • Clinical research Scientific research is a necessary component of a healthcare institution working in areas where culture, technology, and clinical care processes move quickly and need continuous updating, first so as to keep abreast of intellectual advances, secondly so as to be part of the community of experts able to discern the quality of the new proposals and disentangle true novelties from cosmetic changes, thirdly so as to be able to contribute to the advances and play a role in their management;
  • Evaluation Each year the board of directors should assess its own effectiveness to fulfill its responsibilities to the organization;
  • Messaging is the way the organization shares its vision, mission, and values with the wider world;
  • Despite the fact that the GVM is a complex and multisite healthcare organization, the strategic transformation has been carried out engaging all physicians in the total hospital network;
  • Identifying Potential Source of Support To be sustainable, organizations need to identify and then cultivate a diverse pool of support.

The rewards for a job like this include traveling to some of the most prominent healthcare seminars and getting to meet some of the more innovative people in the healthcare industry. This is an administrator who works with families to make sure that they understand all of their public and private insurance and financing options.

Role of Financial Management in Health Care

You would need to have a broad understanding of the insurance industry, the banking industry and the government health services offerings.

The big reason that this is such an awesome part of healthcare administration is because you get to help people find ways to get the medical attention they need. If you are the kind of person who likes to solve problems for others, then this is the ideal career for you.

  1. It includes the creation of an organizational budget as well the conduct of a number of processes to monitor the financial health and well-being of the organization.
  2. Because non-profits usually pay less than the corporate or governmental sectors, they must find other ways to encourage, reward, and value staff. Financial managers should create a spread sheet that identifies what funds are expected to come in each month and measure that by the anticipated expenditures for each month.
  3. Further, every organization should have a short tag line that describes something unique about the organization.
  4. An IT platform has been implemented, enhancing patient-centred vision, facilitating access to medical records for all parties involved in care, quality of care and costs.

A program management specialist is someone who works with the various heads of departments in a healthcare organization to make sure that all project information is integrated into the computer network. The job incorporates elements of major project management and IT systems integration. To perform this kind of a job, you will need some advanced computer technology experience and the ability to work with multiple departments within an organization.

This is a job that will keep you busy constantly and on the cutting edge of healthcare technology. Your job would include managing employee schedules, coordinating staff training and making sure that company policies and procedures are properly implemented at all times. For example, the director of an outpatient program would be responsible for making certain that all of the patients get the treatment that they need and that the program is also running within the hospital guidelines.

The business manager is responsible for making sure that all business activities within an organization are running properly.

Healthcare Business News

He is responsible for making sure that all financial records and accounting activities are in order and he is also responsible for getting involved with the business aspect of all of the other departments in an organization to make sure that they have the resources and personnel they need to operate at peak efficiency. You will become an expert not only in the inner-workings of your organization, but you will also be required to have comprehensive knowledge of all insurance and public assistance options available as well.

This is a great job to have as you build your resume towards the higher echelons of the healthcare administration industry.

11 Awesome MHA Specializations within Healthcare Administration

More and more private practices are taking on services that used to be the sole domain of the larger care facilities such as hospitals. As these practices get bigger, they require a professional administrator to keep things organized and running smoothly. This is an awesome job because it allows you to build an organization from the ground up and be part of the success story that comes with a very successful practice.