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Exotic smokes cigarette company consumer behavior outline

Hire Writer Exotic Smokes: This company has asked for a proposal conducting an in-depth study of consumer behavior to analyze the market for their new flavored cigarettes, using fruit and candy flavors. The marketing strategy must attract 18 to 25-year-old customers. The purpose of this proposal is to identify successful marketing strategies for flavored cigarette. Schedule The research group is recommending 3-6 months to gather and interpret information concerning the consumer-product relationship through both interpretive and traditional approaches through the use of brainstorming, focus groups, surveys, and secondary research.

These areas should be sourced for information concerning affect and cognition, behavior, and environments involved in both the purchase and consumption of the product. With this information, the research group will be able to better identify with the target market and create effective advertising and pricing for the product launch. The team is recommending an additional 3 months to create suggestive advertising campaigns and pricing point recommendations.

The project should be completed within 9 months total. Each session should include 50 participants. Focus groups will be conducted within various regions of the U.

Recruitment efforts will identify current smokers of flavored cigarettes. Surveys should also be used to collect specific information about the target market. Surveys may be administered by e-mail, mail, or phone, with varying fees. The targeted incident rate is 10 percent, with 500 surveys being completed. Cost per survey type is indicated as follows: The fewer the responses, the higher the price.

Exotic smokes cigarette company consumer behavior

The recommended survey may be found in Appendix A. Secondary research may also be utilized to identify who makes up the target market, what their needs are, and potential demand for the product. Other sources include non-profit and government agencies.

Sampling Procedure Sample data for focus group and survey participants may be acquired from cigarette associations and customer lists.

Radio advertisements may also be used on popular stations requesting potential participants call a 1-800 line to sign up for participation. Plan Deliverables The deliverables for the project include the collection of information that accurately identifies with the target market. Adhering to schedule is key. Final deliverables include a proposed product launch that includes advertising, launch dates, and pricing suggestions.

Ethical Considerations Marketers are responsible for the consequences of their actions. As a member of the American Marketing Association, every effort must be taken to ensure conduct adheres to the Code of Ethics as described by the committee. There are ethical considerations that must be considered when marketing flavored cigarettes.

To ensure the impact of smoking cigarettes is continuously communicated, all packaging must include the labeling of known side effects. Additionally, a ban implemented in 2009 made it illegal to sale all flavors outside of menthol Harris, 2009, para.

For this reason, it is recommended that flavoring agents be limited to the use of menthol to ensure full compliance exotic smokes cigarette company consumer behavior outline federal regulations. One-third of this budget includes the fees to complete focus groups and surveys. One-third will be used to cover travel expenses, data interpretation, and resources for proposed marketing techniques.

Finally, the remainder of the budget will be used to cover employee salaries. Conclusion Marketing strategies have a greater likelihood to be successful when done so in a manner that effectively communicates need and value to the target customer. For this reason, consumer behavior must be understood and reflected.

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This proposal identifies suggested methodologies for collecting and interpreting such data, timelines needed to complete the research, ethical considerations that must be addressed in marketing, and the recommended budget to ensure a successful product launch of Exotic Smokes Cigarettes. Flavors banned from cigarettes to deter youth. New FDA regs may prompt cigarette package labeling changes. Conducting surveys and focus groups.

Consumer behavior and marketing strategy 8th ed.

  1. Tobacco manufacturers have recently introduced a proliferation of exotic brands new cigarette brands with flavors that appeal to youth. Check out our top free essays on exotic smokes cigarette company to help you write your own essay.
  2. In the case of cigarette smoking these substances are contained when smoking appeared it was often in the exotic portraits in his painting holy smokes,. The project should be completed within 9 months total.
  3. The marketing strategy must attract 18 to 25-year-old customers.
  4. When buying flavored cigarettes, I look for the best deal available in terms of price.
  5. Exotic smokes - download as word doc doc , pdf file pdf , text file txt or read online. For this reason, it is recommended that flavoring agents be limited to the use of menthol to ensure full compliance with federal regulations.

Food and Drug Administration. Flavored tobacco product fact sheet. Representative Consumer Survey Statement of Objective: The purpose of this survey is to identify attitudes and intentions affecting consumer decisions of the target market for flavored cigarettes.

Participants must answer yes to both screening questions before being selected to continue further. Screening Questions Please answer yes or no to the following questions: Do you currently smoke cigarettes?

Exotic smokes outline

Are you between the ages of 18 and 25 years old? What is your highest level of education? What is your ethnicity? Is the taste of cigarettes important to you? Why do you smoke flavored cigarettes? How does smoking make you feel? Does your mother or father smoke? What would influence you to try another brand of flavored cigarettes? When buying flavored cigarettes, I look for the best deal available in terms of price. I often use coupons when buying flavored cigarettes.

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