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An outline of the street lawyer a novel by john grisham

The Street Lawyer was a favourite in the past.

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It tells the story of Michael, a wealthy lawyer climbing the ladder at a prosperous firm, Drake and Sweeney. His marriage is in trouble but he surrounds himself with work, competing with his soon to be ex-wife.

Who is the most ambitious and who will earn the most money? But in a dramatic turn of events, Michael find I am re-reading some old John Grisham books that I enjoyed the first time round to see if my perspectives have changed in 10-15 years. But in a dramatic turn of events, Michael finds himself held hostage by a homeless person that his firm had been involved in evicting from a "squatters site.

I think I will never be able to give a Grisham book less than three stars as I always enjoy them for the story alone. However, this book had me thinking on a different level this time around. What Grisham is presenting here is basically a call to action to help the homeless or what Christians might call a social Gospel but without the Gospel. This would be fine for a secular author but Grisham claims he is a Christian with a deep private faith.

The Street Lawyer

Grisham suggests through his novel that meeting the physical needs of a person will completely fulfill them. That feeding, clothing and sheltering people should be the goal of all those in a position to help financially and by giving time. Jesus tells us to help those in need and he had a special heart for the poor.

God condemns those who neglect or abuse the poor and demands impartiality and justice. But that is not enough and doesn't get to the heart of a person's problems in life.

It will not be the fulfillment they are looking for if they are not also told the truth about Jesus. I feel strongly about this issue as many are providing help without hope around the world.

A focus on earthly matters does not prepare someone for eternity. This novel, still a page turner, left me feeling empty on second reading--there is no mention of God unlike some of Grisham's other books.

The street lawyer

I also struggled with the way the main character's marriage dissolved as if it was inevitable. The novel does highlight the meaninglessness of wealth and the purposelessness of climbing the corporate ladder.

There is a little bad language, no sexual content and limited violence. Grisham fans will enjoy this book but maybe Christians should have a different perspective. For further discussion about help without hope see my posts below: