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An introduction to the mythology of the baptists and their words works and worship

Since there are so many different types of Baptist churches holding to diverse doctrines and practices, I titled this writing emphasizing the plural churches because the Baptists are not unified in faith.

This response will give me the opportunity to use the Baptists as an example showing the importance of knowing your church history.

Today, the Baptist churches have over 25 different branches or sects totaling nearly 32,000,000 members worldwide.

  • By Robert Graves's definition, a religion's traditional stories are "myths" if and only if one does not belong to the religion in question;
  • In their Second London Confession 1677 , Particular Baptists dealt with the question of how to handle problems that arose in local churches;
  • Black Baptists Since black Americans constitute a large part of Baptists, I would like to touch upon their role in the Baptist religions;
  • The other rips out the heart;
  • This clearly protected the autonomy of the local church and refused to allow the denomination or its leaders any control.

The Southern Baptist being the largest body is the largest Protestant organization in the United States. The Baptists first instituted the doctrine of total immersion of water baptism in 1644, more than 30 years after the first Baptist church was founded. Contrary to the common myth that Baptists can trace their history back to Christ or John the Baptist, never in history prior to the Reformation do we find an individual or church that claimed the same peculiar beliefs as found in the Baptist churches today.

As a matter of fact, the two doctrines beliefs shared by all Baptists, total immersion in baptism for adults only as an ordinance, and the Bible Only Sola Scriptura did not exist as beliefs for anyone who claimed Christianity until the 16th and 17th centuries.

He also included a chart to better clarify his version of church history. It has sold over 2,000,000 copies and is taught by many Baptists as a factual history of Christianity.

  1. Similarities between different religious mythologies[ edit ] Given any of the above definitions of "myth", the myths of many religions, both ancient and modern, share common elements. However, doubting the validity of his self-administered baptism was again rebaptised by the Dutch Mennonites for his third baptism.
  2. Use a concordance and cross references to compare Scripture with Scripture. Their purpose was to establish what they held as a spiritual kingdom of converts to real Christianity independent of all civil and church authority.
  3. Preaching Must Be Expository Exultation God exists to be worshiped—to be admired and treasured and desired and praised.

The introduction of this booklet, written by Clarence Walker, begins with a brief history of Dr. His purpose, of course, was to find the oldest and most like the churches described in the New Testament.

On page 2, a claim is implied that Baptists are not Protestants by referring them separately from the Catholics and Protestants. Carroll believes that Anabaptists were the first Baptists. Carroll is aware that the term Baptists cannot be found in history, he indicates that Baptists came under the nicknames of Anabaptists, Paulicians, Donatists, Albigenses, Waldenses, Montanists, and Novations.

Pages 2, 10, 55 He states that the Catholic Church put untold numbers of Baptists to death during the dark ages, and goes on to say their history was written in legal documents and papers of those ages. However, the whole booklet is filled with myths and lies as will be shown next. The Real History of the Baptists With the corruption of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, an Augustinian priest named Martin Luther, overreacted in his attack against the corruption of the hierarchy and was then later excommunicated in 1521 for denying the historical understanding of salvation.

Just before his execution in 1525, he recanted everything, made a good confession, received Communion, and died united to the Catholic Church.

Advice to Pastors: Preach the Word

Munzer also denied the sacrament of the Eucharist claiming Christ did not become transubstantiated on the altar of Catholic churches. He once undermined the Catholic Mass by using pretzels and beer as meal offerings in place of bread and wine to prove he did not believe in the sacrificial character or the Real Presence.

  1. What Is the Word?
  2. The two main strands were known as General Baptists and Particular Baptists. They also gave the denomination a certain amount of jurisdiction or control over local congregations.
  3. Simplification of cultures and time periods by eliminating detailed data remain vulnerable or flimsy in this area of research. He understood this as a prophetic aspect of the Church's ministry to the world.

Most Baptists today use crackers and grape juice to indicate the same belief as Munzer. In 1525, a Catholic priest named Menno Simons set up the first Anabaptist churches. Their purpose was to establish what they held as a spiritual kingdom of converts to real Christianity independent of all civil and church authority. This historic fact debunks Dr. The rebaptisms always took place with water being poured over the top of the head just as the Roman Catholic Church had been doing for 1500 years.

Never was total body immersion thought to be necessary.

How to Know God Loves You

The Amish today are one of several sects that have split from the Mennonite Church. They appear to be one and the same to many outside of these two religions. He went so far as to rebaptise himself by pouring water over top of his own head.

Again, as an Anglican, he never thought that one needed to be immersed. However, doubting the validity of his self-administered baptism was again rebaptised by the Dutch Mennonites for his third baptism. Due to his views on salvation, the Mennonites later rejected him. In 1609, he established what we could rightly call the very first Baptist Church in history.

It also stated the Church must be completely separated from the state. All civil authorities were to take care of temporal affairs only and allow the freedom of religion to all. The fatal flaws pertaining to these positions is a church constantly dividing, which always comes with a bible only belief, leaving the ultimate interpretation of the Scriptures to each individual.

The other is a state that is separated from the Church will always result in an anti-religious state, just as it did in America with its false democratic government which keeps out the reign of Christ as King of its society. After the death of John Smyth in 1612, Helwys along with his companions returned to England to set up its first Baptist Church at Spitalfields, in London.

Thomas Helwys later died in 1616.

The first two churches along with the members were known as the General Baptists for their teaching of the general atonement for all men. They believed in the total free will of man to choose to be saved.

Again, they believed in pouring water in baptism until they adopted the method of immersion in 1650 by the splinter group known as the Immersion Baptists founded in 1644.

  • At the end of the parable of the soils where there are four different ways to receive the Word of God, but only one way that bears fruit and leads to life, Jesus says in Luke 8;
  • After the death of John Smyth in 1612, Helwys along with his companions returned to England to set up its first Baptist Church at Spitalfields, in London;
  • Baptists Organized for Witness An observer today may find it hard to imagine Baptists before they were organized!
  • There was no singing, and Baptists put great value upon spontaneity and audience participation;
  • The term mythology usually refers either to a system of myths or to the study of myths;
  • They believed Christ died for all people generally, and that whoever would believe in Christ could be saved.

It was the Immersion Baptists with their new confession of faith that sealed forever the name that came to be known as the Baptist church. However, they would merge back with the Particular Baptists and become one. The Particular Baptists founded by John Spillsbury in Southwark, England did not hold to the belief of the general atonement.

Though very Calvinistic at first, they were influenced by the teachings of the Anglican clergymen John and Charles Wesley. With this influence, William Carey in 1792 established missionaries following the example of Roger Williams, the Anglican priest turned Baptist convert who came to America establishing its first Baptist church.

He later died rejecting his baptism and organized religion altogether. However, many Baptist churches refused to join in the union, leaving them to be independent churches. The Baptist churches in America grew quickly and in 1845 divided in three major Conventions: Northern, Southern, and Colored Black. Later they divided again and again into many different sects.

Black Baptists Since black Americans constitute a large part of Baptists, I would like to touch upon their role in the Baptist religions. Today, 4 out of 5 blacks in America are Baptists. This is due to the white English Protestants who owned and proselytized their slaves in early America. The slave trade was justified by the Protestants using the New Testament which speaks of a type of slavery however unlike the slavery of early America.

The slaves used the Old Testament books showing the horrors of slavery with the example of the captivity of Israel in Egypt. Catholics were forbidden to have slaves as all the popes during those times condemned the slave trade as a damnable sin. However, a few so-called Catholics did continue and participate in the slave trade.

Most black Catholics in America came from the French who married into the race and the Spanish who helped the slaves escape from the English Protestants. However, the English greatly outnumbered the French and Spanish and pushed the French to the Southern tip of Louisiana and to the north into Canada, while the Spanish where pushed back into Central and South America.

Though in America most blacks are Baptists, in the rest of the world, black Catholics far outnumber any other religious group for the exception of Islam.

Basic Christian Doctrine

Over the years the slaves and their children began joining the Baptist churches because of its Calvinist Theology, which is more appealing. Due to the racism found in the churches, blacks began to build and establish their own churches, which they could worship, fellowship, and lead their own congregations. Not only would this appeal to all men but also especially with slaves who have done nothing but work and suffer their whole lives, not to mention the many years of hardships that followed after their freedom was granted.

For black America today, the Baptist church is the church of family history where the emphasis is on the preaching on Word of God and the praising the Lord in song. The closeness of the black family resides in the faith of their ancestors, which had become the Baptist religions for most of them. Nicknames of early Baptists? So what about Dr. Well, we know about the Anabaptists, but the rest of these groups are a whole other story.

The Paulicians originated from the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church in the 7th century and continued into the 12th century. They believed Christ only appeared in human form and only seemed to have died. They greatly emphasized the Epistles of Paul hence the name Paulicianswhile rejecting the Epistles of Peter and the entire Old Testament.

Donatists were ex-Catholics who believed in all seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. However, they believed the sacraments were invalid if the minister priest of the sacraments was impure or in mortal sin. This was contrary to the Catholic belief that Christ is the real minister of the sacraments and the priests were the ambassadors of Christ.

The Montanists originated in the 2nd century and lasted through the 9th century. They believed they were oracles of the Holy Spirit, and the only possessors of any charismatic qualities. They were opposed to any kind of art and were a quasi-form of Gnostics.

However, they did believe in the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. The Novations were a schismatic group named for the man Novation who set himself up as the pope in 251 AD. The Albigenses of the 11th century and the Waldenses of the 12th century were a part of Catharism.

Cathars had many different sects. In general, they all believed the world and all matter were evil.

Religion and mythology

Albigenses were named for the place, Albi, France, where the heresy originated. They with the Waldenses were vegetarians who practiced promiscuity. They believed the body was evil and the spirit must be freed from the body. They practiced extreme mortifications with tremendous fasts, sometimes even to the point of suicide. Since they believed offspring was evil, marriage and infant baptism were forbidden. Since they also believed the body was evil, they rejected the incarnation of Christ.

The extreme measure Dr. Carroll goes to prove Baptists go back to the time of Christ is quite an insult to his own religion.

  • The name comes from the Baptist practice of immersion;
  • After the war Baptists continued to use this concept and name for their regional fellowship of churches.

For no Baptist would dare claim these groups as their own who rejected the Old Testament and the Epistles of Peter, believed in the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, and forbidding marriage while practicing promiscuity. However, the attempt to find the oldest and most like the church described in the New Testament is made by Dr. Carroll because he realized it is absolutely necessary to demonstrate their church or at least their beliefs can be found and substantiated in every generation since Christ.

Unfortunately for them, only one church can do what they wish their church could do. The Roman Catholic Church is the only church found in every generation since Christ and has always remained unified in doctrine resulting in a unified Church. Only the Catholic Church can be totally substantiated in history, Scripture and logic. Carroll just plain lied about it because he knew the biggest obstacle in his belief system was the Roman Catholic Church.