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A review of a beautiful mind a 2001 american biographical drama film

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PG-13 Caveat Spectator Intense depiction of paranoid delusions; some crass language and sexual references; fleeting violence and brief gunplay and other menacing scenes; minimal profanity. About These Ratings There are any number of ways a movie like this can go wrong, but director Ron Howard skillfully avoids them all, aided by compelling performances from Russell Crowe Gladiator and Jennifer Connelly Requiem for a Dream. Individuals who are both gifted and disturbed are often made by the movies into holy innocents, poor defenseless saints victimized by unscrupulous ordinary people cf.

Shine, Rain Man, etc. John Nash Crowealmost refreshingly, is a jerk.

  • Terrified, he asks Parcher to be relieved of his assignment, but Parcher tells him that he would be killed if he were to quit;
  • But that hardly matters;
  • While giving a lecture at Harvard University , Nash sees Charles in the audience but then spots Russian agents as well, and he flees;
  • He marries Alicia soon thereafter;
  • This was a choice made by the director in order not to give the impression that abandoning medication was an appropriate method of dealing with schizophrenia.

I had the first move. My play was perfect. The game is flawed.

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What keeps us caring here is Alicia Larde Connellya lovely student who knows how to talk to John, and winds up marrying him. Alicia, who suffers with John through his dark night of the mind, could have been a mere assemblage of virtuous stereotypes; but instead she emerges as a mature, sensible, intelligent individual.

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Because she cares about her husband — and because he, even in the midst of his delusions, cares about her — what happens to him matters to us. Before meeting Alicia, Nash cares about only one thing: But that hardly matters. For a time it seems his only alternatives are life with schizophrenia or mere existence deprived of the things that make life worth living.

Eventually, he learns that his condition can be managed, though he may never be cured. All of this is of course a nightmare for Alicia as well, but she chooses to continue to love her husband in spite of what has happened to him.

A Beautiful Mind

And he becomes someone I love; and I become someone who loves him. For example, charges of antisemitism, adultery, and even experimentation with homosexuality have all been roundly denounced by Nash himself, by his wife, and by his biographer, Sylvia Nasar. Another charge, that in contrast to the solidly committed if highly strained marriage depicted in the film, the Nashes were actually divorced decades ago, is also misleading.

Alicia did divorce John in the 1960s — but then a few years later took him back, and they lived together for almost 40 years before recently remarrying.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Last year probably should have gone to Tom Hanks for Cast Away. In the hands of a lesser actor, Nash could have been all tics and eccentric behavior, but Crowe distills a character from the emotions: If Crowe submerges himself into the opacity of his character, Connelly plays hers with utter transparency.

She hardly seems to be acting at all. He seems an entirely different director from the man who only last year gave us the soulless Grinch.

Give this man more serious human drama, and keep him away from the fantasy.