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A plot summary of the story to kill a mockingbird

He is the local lawyer in Maycomb County, and tries hard to raise his children so they have integrity and the ability to come to their own conclusions about things.

To Kill a Mockingbird

He does this by living his own life to his high standards, and this is in part why he feels compelled to take on Tom Robinson's case. He knows that he will lose, but feels knows Mr. Robinson is an innocent man, who's been wrongly accused due to his minority race. Scout Finch- Scout is the main character, as well as the narrator. As she grows up in Maycomb, she begins to understand why her father tries so hard to do the right thing.

She is precocious, very much a tomboy, and for a time is obsessed with her ellusive neighbor, Boo Radley. Jem Finch- Jem is Scout's older brother. He especially finds it hard to grapple with the town's prejudice in light of the fact that Tom Robinson is most certainly innocent. As he gets older, he finds his own way to come to terms with the town he lives in, and the people around him.

He always looks out for Scout, and saves her life the night they are attacked. Calpurnia- Cal is the Finch's cook, nanny, and is a mother-figure to Scout and Jem.

To Kill a Mockingbird

She is stern but loving underneath, and tries hard to keep Scout on the straight and narrow. Aunt Alexandra- Aunt Alexandra is Atticus's sister who comes to live with the Finches when the trial starts.

She is obsessed with the background of the Finches, and tries hard to impress upon Jem and Scout that they are a "Fine Family", and that the children should act as such. Scout and Jem, who love wearing overalls and playing outside, let her scolding go in one ear and out the other. Dill Harris- Dill is Scout and Jem's best friend, and he promises Scout that they will marry someday. He lives in Meridian and only comes to Maycomb during the summertime.

Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – A Synopsis

He is a scrawny, intelligent boy with white blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes and is very much a dreamer.

Dill becomes just as obsessed with making Boo Radley come out as the children. Maudie Atkinson- Miss Maudie is Scout's next door neighbor. She loves being outdoors and is one of the few people in town who feels that Tom Robinson deserves a fair trial, and that he most likely did not do what Mayella Ewell is accusing him of. She offers Jem and Scout many insights into their father's character, and helps them understand why he does what he does.

Tom Robinson- Tom is the black man accused of beating and raping Mayella Ewell. His left arm is crippled from a farm accident that happened when he was a child, making it a physical impossibility that he beat the young woman;her attacker used their left arm exclusively.

He is married with children, and is very nice and soft-spoken. Mayella Ewell- Mayella comes from a very poor family and lives by the town dump. She is the one accusing Tom Robinson of raping her, although it's obvious that she made advances toward Robinson and that when her father found out, he beat her. She lives a very sad life, with no friends, and a struggling family.

Bob Ewell- Bob is Mayella's father, and is a drunk, mean-spirited man who is very prejudiced. Atticus embarrasses him in court, and he resolves to pay him back somehow, which he does when he tries to kill Jem and Scout. Heck Tate- Heck Tate is the local sheriff, and is a good man like Atticus. He too, tries to help Tom Robinson out in his own way. He and Atticus are good friends.

This, of course, endlessly fascinates the kids. They try for many years to get him to come out, and all their schemes never work. The only time they ever see him is the night he saves their lives from Bob Ewell.

Dubose is a cantankerous, bitter old woman who lives at the end of the street. She never has anything good to say to anyone, but Atticus constantly tells the two of them to ignore her foul words and treat her with courtesy and respect. Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 Scout Finch is growing up in a hot, tired A plot summary of the story to kill a mockingbird town, where there is nothing to buy and nothing to buy it with.

She and her older brother, Jem, live with their father, Atticus, the local lawyer, and their cook, Calpurnia, close to downtown Maycomb. They're all related by blood or marriage to everyone in town, so it's a close-knit group to say the least. As our story begins, summer has just started. Scout is six, and Jem is ten, and they have just discovered a boy hiding in their next door neighbors turnip greens. He's a scrawny kid who's name is Dill, and the three become instant friends as soon as it's revealed that Dill has already seen "Dracula", which gives him instant credibility.

As summer progresses and favorite games become old hat, Scout, Jem, and Dill become obsessed with making Boo Radley come out. Boo Radley lives up the street from Scout and Jem, and legend has it that he never comes out of his house.

Any small crimes or mysterious happenings in town are said to be his work, and rarely will anyone pass the house alone at night. Their first raid consists of a dare between Dill and Jem. He must run to the Radley house, touch it, and run back. He finally does it, but only after 3 days careful thought and much ribbing from Dill.

Chapter 2 When September rolls around and Dill leaves to go back home to Meridian, Scout realizes that she's starting her first year of school. After her first day, however, she's determined not to go back. After trying to explain the complicated backgrounds of some of the county folks to the new teacher, Scout lands herself into trouble again and again, and is not quite sure how. It should be obvious, she thinks, that offering Walter Cunningham a quarter for lunch is simply not done.

They don't take help from anyone, and the reason why he doesn't have a lunch is because he can't afford one. When she tries to explain this to the new teacher, however, she gets her hands slapped by a ruler. When lunchtime finally rolls around, she's grateful to get out of class and go home. Chapter 3 Scout wastes no time paying back Walter Cunningham for getting her started on the wrong foot with the new teacher. It isn't until Jem comes and stops her that she quits tormenting him in the playground, and she nearly falls over when Jem invites the poor boy to lunch at their house.

The day doesn't improve when she embarrasses Walter at the table and is forced to eat in the kitchen by A plot summary of the story to kill a mockingbird. When she returns to school the day's drama isn't over. Miss Caroline, the teacher, is horrified to discover a cootie in the hair of Burris Ewell, a hulking, angry boy who quickly reduces Miss Caroline to tears as he slouches out of the room, his first and only day of school over.

That evening Scout is weary from the day's crimes and begs Atticus not to send her back to school anymore.

By Harper Lee

The fact that Miss Caroline forbade her to read and write anymore is really what's distressing her, and when Atticus strikes a deal with her that if she will concede to go back to school they'll continue reading together like always, she happily accepts. Chapter 4 As the schoolyear inches along, Scout begins to realize that she's far more educated than her peers, and even more so, perhaps, than her teacher. As construction paper and crayon Projects evolve day after day, she realizes she is just plain bored.

As she walks home from school there is a huge oak tree that sits on the corner of the Radley lot. She passes it every day without incident, only one day she spots two pieces of chewing gum a plot summary of the story to kill a mockingbird a knot in the tree.

After making sure it won't kill her she hastily crams it into her mouth, and Jem is furious with her when he finds out, convinced that it's poisoned by Boo Radley. During their walk home on the last day of school Scout and Jem find another treasure in the tree, this time two old, shined up pennies. When Dill arrives for the summer two days later the group resumes their obsession with Boo Radley. They create a play that reenacts Boo's life, and continue with it all summer long until they are very nearly caught by Atticus.

Chapter 5 When Dill and Jem start excluding Scout from their plots she begins to spend more time with her next door neighbor, Miss Maudie Atkinson. Miss Maudie is garden obsessed, and spends her evenings reining over her front porch in the twilight. Scout gets a lot of valuable information from her about Boo Radley's past, and the reason, perhaps, why he never comes out.

The next day she uncovers a major plot by Dill and Jem to pass a note to Boo Radley. Scout protests but they threaten her and before she knows it she's part of the scheme. Things proceed fairly smoothly until they're caught by Atticus, who forbids them to set one more foot on the Radley property and to leave Mr.

Chapter 6 The last night of the summer Jem and Dill hatch the biggest plot of them all reasoning that, if they get killed, they'll miss school instead of vacation. They decide to try and peep into one of the windows at the Radley house. When Scout who until tonight knew nothing of the plan starts to protest, they call her a girl and threaten to send her home. With that, she joins them. Things take a disastrous turn when Boo Radley's older brother, Mr. Nathan Radley, hears them and, thinking they're intruders, fires a shotgun.

They barely make it through the fence in time and high tail it back home so they're not missed by the adults. When they step into the gathering crowd to discuss the gunshot Scout is horrified to realize that Jem is missing his pants. Dill hatches a good one and tells Atticus that he won them from Jem playing strip poker. The adults seem satisfied with the lie, and don't suspect them of causing the gunfire at the Radley place.

After they slink off, Scout discovers from Jem that he lost his pants as they were scurrying through the wire fence. They got caught and he had to leave them behind or risk getting shot. Late that night Jem decides to go after them rather than risk Mr. Nathan finding them the next morning and turning him in.

Scout pleads with him not to go, but he does it anyway. When he gets back, he doesn't say a word but lies in bed, trembling. Chapter 7 Jem's silence about that night lasts for a week. They both start school again, and Scout discovers that the second grade is worse than the first, and the only consolation is that now she gets to stay as late as Jem and they can walk home together.

It's during this walk home one afternoon that Jem finally opens up about his sojourn trip back to the Radley place to retrieve his pants. He tells Scout that his pants were not tangled up the wire as he left them but were folded neatly on the fence post, as if someone was expecting him to come back and get them.