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A book report on the guns of navarone by alistair maclean

War Fiction Readers Shelves: From the first page, the esteemed war thriller author, Alistair MacLean, engages his reader.

The Guns of Navarone

Off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea the Germans and Italians control a cluster of islands and the area shipping lanes. On one island 1200 British soldiers are trapped and will soon be attacked by the Axis Alliance. The destruction of the mighty Guns of Navarone is the only hope these Brits have.

It is a suicide mission. The guns are p 4.

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The guns are protected by both nature and man in their fortress. But a savvy military strategist may have found the how and who to silence these great guns. Captain Keith Mallory is legendary. The New Zealander is a renowned rock climber and knows how to survive behind enemy lines. His faithful friend and his good luck charm Andreas is a Greek resistance fighter has no qualms killing Germans. The young Stevens is proficient in German and Greek is also a great climber, but is afraid of his fear.


American Corporal Miller is a demolitions specialist and Brown is known for his saboteur skills. They have 3 days to scale the sheer 400 foot cliffs on the southern side of Navarone, destroy the guns, and get out before the British fleet sails into the Aegean channel to fortify the trapped soldiers. After the climb that almost killed them, the team believes the hardest part of the mission is behind them.

But the Navarone fortress proves to be as great of a challenge as the cliffs. They have to choice but to destroy those guns. And they will die trying to accomplish the mission.

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MacLean is a master story teller with intimate knowledge of the military. His writing is fast paced with a great detail that does not bough down the story line. His twists are like gentle waves. The twists and turns just seem part of the story as its natural progression.

The Guns of Navarone Book Summary and Study Guide

Mallory and his team are well characterized. This reader liked and cared about them. Often I caught myself holding my breath as I read the book. In my opinion, the 1961 movie Guns of Navarone just put faces to these wonderful characters. The drama is in the book.

Though the film is dramatic and viewers are reminded of the tight time line Gregory Peck, David Niven, and Anthony Quinn have. The book is deeper.