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9 the big cities are constantly growing

While the national presidential election stumbles forward with a disheartening level of acrimony and insults, in cities, mayors are focused on lifting people up and achieving real results for their communities. Cities are where we come together to live, work, and play. Jared Erondu via Unsplash Mayors focus on the issues that matter. The national political conversation—on the right and the left—is rightly wrestling with these fractures, but for many communities, now is the time for action.

State of the Cities examines what is happening right now on the ground in cities. These top 10 issues are critical for the nuts and bolts operations of cities, community and economic development, and all around livability.

  • For instance, in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, as many as 60,000 people are being relocated due to redevelopment of under-served, informal areas of the city;
  • Rather, problems tend to arise as a result of poor planning and forced behaviour change — particularly forced relocation;
  • Rather, problems tend to arise as a result of poor planning and forced behaviour change — particularly forced relocation.

We examined 100 State of the City addresses in cities large and small—these are the top issues that matter to cities: Flickr user Forsaken Fotos 10. Every day, 78 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Mayors are on the front line of this crisis—it affects their residents, and even their own family, on a daily basis.

Flickr user muffinn 9. Cities are using data and technology to make themselves smarter, more effective, and enhance service delivery. Flickr user Jacob Fincher 8.

We know our diversity is one of our great strengths, which is why we have been recognized nationwide as one of the best cities for women, for African Americans, for new Americans and for the LGBT community.

Increasingly, cities have sought to broaden opportunity and human rights, and in response have faced opposition and pre-emptive policies from their state governments. Mayors view opportunity and inclusiveness as critical benchmarks of a successful community—and we find that they are putting up a fight for these values.

Flickr user Hector Alejandro 7. Mayors continue to be focused on the impact of climate change and developing innovative policies for greater environmental and energy sustainability. Last year was a monumental one for mayoral climate leaders both at home and abroad.

Last year, 510 global mayors traveled to the COP-21 conference in Paris to be a part of the historic agreement and advocate for sound environmental policy for cities throughout the world. Flickr user James Williams 6. Housing issues are always critical for mayors.

Many mayors across the country announced plans to alleviate the housing burden that exists for many, especially for seniors and veterans.

Flickr user Marshal Hedin 5. Many mayors announced policies aimed at closing the educational achievement gap between groups defined by socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and gender.

Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash 4. From bike paths to sewer systems, infrastructure is a wide ranging topic that receives top billing in Mayoral addresses year after year.

  • The main problem for anyone who hopes to migrate to a large city is that the cost of living is likely to be much higher than it is in a small town or village;
  • Flickr user Forsaken Fotos 10;
  • Mayors touted the many gains in business and job growth in their cities;
  • And the report considers the widespread challenges, in terms of service provision, for the growing numbers of people moving into cities around the world;
  • More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult;
  • Jared Erondu via Unsplash Mayors focus on the issues that matter.

The lead crisis in Flint demonstrated the vast effect infrastructure decisions can have on the lives of our most vulnerable residents. Mayors are also taking steps across the board to improve health outcomes by linking elements of infrastructure to public health.

Our city leaders also stressed the importance of active and safe transportation to the vitality of their cities. Flickr user Don Kasak 3.

Fiscal discipline continues to be a primary goal for leaders as they chart the path forward. Flickr user Paul L. Public safety is always a top priority of city leaders. Mayors see the alleviation of crime and keeping community members safe as one of the most critical components of their jobs.

The 10 Most Important Issues Facing Cities, According To Their Mayors

Many mayors reported an uptick in crime within their cities and this trend, noticeable across the country, was particularly alarming for homicide. However, even though the short-term homicide trend is pointed in the wrong direction, crime is still at the lowest point in decades. Flickr user Eric Kilby 1. Mayors touted the many gains in business and job growth in their cities. More and more cities are making it easier for entrepreneurs to start or grow a business.

And, still a growing number of cities are working to unleash the creative potential of small-scale manufacturing and the maker movement—an ever growing group ranging from hobbyists and tinkerers to independent inventors and designers. Our city leaders are at the front line of innovation, working with people across the spectrum to create more inclusive, economically strong cities.

Mayors are working to overcome challenges, grab opportunities, and make the future a brighter place.