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Writing a reflective essay on group work

Group Or Team Work Group or team work has become an integral component of many courses because of its benefits.

Reflective Essay on working with a Team

Instructors encourage students to work in groups so as to improve their skills and achieve their goals. Students can achieve their goals and team goals when working in a team. Team members help each other in order to attain the team goals and this result in personal growth. Though, teams have proved an effective method to teach students, students might not be able to work well with their members due to weaknesses.

The weaknesses affect the functioning of a team. Presenting research topics is hard for many students and this affects their personal and team growth Duke Corporate Education, 2005.

There are various things that worked in my team when presenting the topic.

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My team members managed to present the topic when they realized that I could not manage to present because of confusion. In addition, lack of inadequate preparation hindered me from presenting the topic as I was not ready.

Team members have different strengths and weaknesses that affect the functioning of the team and accomplishment of tasks. Some members perform well than others because of their strengths Duke Corporate Education, 2005.

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Members need to overcome the weaknesses of their fellow members in order to complete tasks and attain the group goals. In this case, my team members had strengths including lack of confusion and adequate preparation.

However, I was confused and not ready to present the topic. Though the presentation went on as planned, there is something that did not work with me.

  • Reflection can be informal or formal built into assessment;
  • However, when we discussed about activities, we found it is really hard to design activities which connect to the class content;
  • Ranked 1 - final i which lead to spur an reflective essay;
  • You can use one or more of the following strategies to help your students reflect on their group work skills;
  • Confusion made it hard for me to get out and present the topic together with my team members Duke Corporate Education, 2005;
  • We exchanged our views on our understanding of the study and collaboratively came up with our approaches to do the research and techniques to implement in our presentations.

Confusion made it hard for me to get out and present the topic together with my team members Duke Corporate Education, 2005. Moreover, I learned various things from the experience. First, I learned that adequate preparation plays a vital role in presentations.

Reflective essay on group work

Preparing well before presenting a project or topic ensures the presentations is successful and improves self confidence. People who plan well before presenting a topic are more confident compared to members who do not. The members have already mastered the content before presenting it.

My team members managed to present the topic because they had adequately prepared and had self confidence.

  • How to find appropriate papers which could help the classmates to have an overview of the main concepts we are going to talk about is not an easy task;
  • What were the worst?
  • Learning journals are also an effective way for you to monitor group activity and processes, in particular the relative contributions of group members;
  • First way i had been the reflective.

Preparing well ensures one does not panic when presenting the content. Second, I have learned the importance of working hard in a team and completing tasks assigned in a team. Some team members manage to present a topic well compared to others because they have done their assignments well.

Team leaders assign team members tasks or assignments according to the strengths. Each team member should complete the task on time to ensure the team achieves its target and goals. However, lack of seriousness affects the functioning of a team as team members do not complete the tasks.

I could have managed to present the topic if I had prepared well like other team members. I could have presented the topic together with the members if I had completed the tasks assigned or played my role in the completion of the topic well.

I did not perform my role as expected and hence the reason I failed to present the content. Therefore, identifying the weaknesses and strengths of each member ensures teams function effectively and achieve their goals Duke Corporate Education, 2005. Reference Duke Corporate Education. Kaplan Publishing Last modified on Monday, 24 June 2013 05: