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Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable essay

Before PLA can be manufactured, endosperm has to be separated from the gluten and fibre in the corn first using harvesting machines this is done in normal corn harvests as well.

Coli bacteriawhich combines the aforementioned two steps and makes the manufacturing process much simpler. This is because PLA is made from corn that can be grown quickly, instead of fossil fuels that takes millions of years to form. PLA is also safer to use and does not have any dangers of explosions in its production there are such dangers while producing traditional plastic.

The 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Its Use] Making PLA takes less energy and emits much less carbon dioxide than making traditional plastic, but uses more water in the process see table below.

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Now Wal-mart plans to use 114 million PLA containers a year, and company executives estimate that the usage of those containers would save 800,000 barrels of oil a non-renewable and precious resource annually! The 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Its Use].

In a homemade compost pile, the plastic would degrade much slower. However, if PLA does end up in landfills or oceansit will degrade just as slowly as traditional plastics, because there is no oxygen reaching the waste in landfills. PLA is also not as versatile as traditional plastic, because its melting point is at a very low 114 degrees Celsius, meaning that it cannot be used to carry anything hot.

Therefore, PLA is actually a headache to recycling companies, who have to pay to have it sorted out from other plastic waste.

Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable essay

PLA is made with the endosperm of corn plants, which are the yellow, edible parts of the corn kernels. Instead of being used to feed hungry people, this corn is used to make plastic.

Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable Essay

If all the disposable plastic products were made out of corn, 238,500,000 tons of corn enough to feed over 600 million people would have to be used to make plastic! Of course, using traditional plastic, which is usually made of oil from the Middle East, also has its own moral issues. In summary, PLA plastic can only be used as an eco-friendly material when it is disposed of with care in composting sites.

People using PLA should make sure that its waste is either burnt safely or sent to a large composting site, otherwise it will cause even more problems for the environment.

The Use of Biodegradable Plastics Essay

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