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Uses and abuses of modern science essay

Science has invented different kinds of things for the betterment of the people of all over the world. Computer is one of them. Computer is a blessing for the people of the world. It has opened a new dimension in business, trade, commerce, medical treatment accountancy etc. Computer has become an essential part of modern life.

We cannot even do a single day without it.

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We cannot think medical treatment, trade and commerce, banking, policy, education, examination evaluation, agriculture, industry, official work etc. Computer is not a single instrument. A computer consists of five important major parts.

These are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit. Different parts work different types of work. Input unit is used to given data to computer for processing or getting output.

  1. Those who use computer can know different kinds of information in the shortest possible time with the help of computer using. The 1984 gas tragedy of Bhopal claimed thousands of lives.
  2. Order now Since the dawn of civilization, science or systematic study is behind step-by-step progress to the present position. The need of the hour is that man should be very rational in the use of scientific inventions and technological advancements.
  3. The weapons are highly disastrous.

The output input unit gives us the processing result. It is the final unit of computer because we get outcome from this unit. For this reason, it is called the last unit of computer. The arithmetic unit is also very important.

This unit does all kinds of mathematical operations. A computer can provide even complicated mathematical work in a single moment through this unit. Memory unit preserve all kinds of data in computer.

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It is very much important unit of a computer. Control unit controls all kinds of internal functions of a computer. A computer is capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. In a few minutes, a computer can perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete. It has lessened our work and made our life easy and comfortable.

It is said that computer contributes a lot to develop our life. Modern countries of the world use computer in their all sections of their work. Today student life cannot be imagined without computer. Those who use computer can know different kinds of information in the shortest possible time with the help of computer using. Students can prepare their notes for their study.

Teachers can research with the help of computer. They can solve many problems due to the betterment of computer. It is true that we always face many problems.

Uses and Abuses of Modern Science Essay

We can find the possible solution through the computer. In a word, it can be said that computer is blessing for human. Today we cannot think document preparing, budgeting and storing huge information etc. In spite of having a lot of merits, computer has some demerits too. It weakens the eyesight of the operators. Sometimes it may give wrong results if there is any defeat in the programming. Then it may bring about untold disaster. In the end, computer has brought about revolutionary change in our life.

It has made our life easy, comfortable, quick and meaningful. We cannot do a single moment without it. It is a part and parcel in our daily life. You might also need: