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The use and importance of firewalls essay

Hire Writer The most important aspect of a firewall is that it is at the entry point of the networked system it protects. This means the firewall should be the first program or process that receives and handles incoming network traffic, and it is the last to handle outgoing traffic Evolution.

If another program is performing this task, there is no firewall. Most people have a basic understanding of what an online firewall does. Like its counterpart in the physical realm, a firewall is intended to stop the spread of a flame. It accomplishes this through a variety of ways, the most popular being packet filtering, proxy service, and stateful inspection.

Basically a firewall acts to control traffic flowing in and out of the network. Packet filtering works by analyzing chunks of information packets that are analyzed against a filter for either information coming into or leaving the network. Packets that make it through the filters are then sent to the requesting system and all others are discarded. Filters are determined by the use and importance of firewalls essay webmaster and are intended to stop potential threats from gaining access to the server.

They basically enable you to manipulate that is, permit or prohibit the transfer of data.

The Use and Importance of Firewalls Essay

A proxy service firewall acts by analyzing the information from the internet to make sure it is retrieved by the firewall and then sent to the requesting system and vice versa. The stateful inspection method is a bit different.

Instead of analyzing the content of each packet, stateful inspection compares certain parts of the packet in relation to a database of trusted information. If the parts of the packet do not match with the trusted information in the database it will be rejected.

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Once a connection is terminated, its table entry is removed, and that virtual circuit between the two peer transport layers is closed Evolution. These three firewall methods are not mutually exclusive, and oftentimes they work together to catch information that may have been missed by one of them. Furthermore all firewalls are customizable.

Without going into too much detail, I will explain a few basic customizations that we can easily implement to continue our online security presence. Each machine on the internet is assigned a unique access code that identifies it.

If a particular outside IP address is accessing and reading too many of our files on the server, we can block that IP address so they cannot gain access. In relation to IP addresses are domain names. In a similar fashion, a firewall can block access to domain names in addition to IP addresses.

Another firewall customization addresses protocol. A protocol is the way that computers interact with one another, most often through web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Roiter. It is most useful to set up one or two computers on a server that handle a specific protocol and then to block access to that protocol on the other computers. Similarly to protocol protection, we can also manage how our information is accessed through controlling our portals.

For example, we use both web servers and FTP servers.

By blocking access to particular ports to all computers except perhaps one or two, we can control how are services are available Roiter. Another basic customization is blocking packets that contain particular words and phrases.

This method is highly recommended to protect from potentially dangerous sites, even though it has to detect exact matches and may be time consuming to organize. If we follow these basic firewall security protective measures, we will be in a greater position to control our information. This will allow us to continue our online presence and growth. Works Cited Evolution of the Firewall Industry. Retrieved January 25, 2009, from http: Computing News at the University of Oregon.