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The red badge of courage theme essay

He conceived persons with torn bodies to be peculiarly happy. He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage. The purpose of this essay is to tell you the similarities between the tall soldier, the loud soldier, and the tattered man, how they are like or unlike Henry Fleming, and what roles these major characters seem to play in the novel. Jim Conklin gives Henry the advice to run when others run, fight like mad when they fight and shows more consequences to the battle and doing what he says.

The Red Badge of Courage : Theme Analysis

He ends up getting so hurt that Henry cannot tell who he is. The tall soldier was in the same regiment as Henry. It shows him that the man was so injured was very courageous it showed him that he lacked that same courage by running away from the fight. He was deeply afraid that he was going to die. Red Badge of Courage Essay We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Wilson is almost like a contrast to Henry, who doubts himself in a way that Wilson never could. The tattered man who has no name, is very dirty, and has been shot twice is met by Henry with the procession of the wounded. Henry shows no wounds when the tattered man is all beat up and this makes Henry paranoid.

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Henry believes although Henry is projecting his guilt and shame onto others, the tattered man knows his secrets. Henry deserts his even when he selflessly tries to help Jim when he is wounded and then needs to help himself when he is soon to die.

It was an attempt to escape his own shame. Jim Conklin, Wilson, and the tattered man are alike and unlike Henry Flemings in some ways.

He claims to dream of battles all his life and has a notion of war that was masking the gruesome truth of real war.

Henry displays a lot of anxiety about lacking the courage to fight. He first flees from battle which presents him a lot of guilt and self pity.

Eventually Henry shoes courage under fire and recovers his pride.

  1. Henry deserts his even when he selflessly tries to help Jim when he is wounded and then needs to help himself when he is soon to die. He deserts under fire.
  2. If war is quickly showing Henry what he is really made of, the verdict so far is not a happy one.
  3. Now, he tells himself, he is a man. Before the first skirmish, Henry wishes he could escape from his regiment and consider his plight.
  4. The tall soldier was in the same regiment as Henry.

Within days Henry was an experienced soldier and feels like a grown man instead of an idealistic young boy. Henry also has a time where he struggles to interpret symbols like the flag for meaning even though they keep changing. While those are changing, Henry changes from self confidence and insignificance and between courage and being cowardly.

He seems to mature be the end of the novel.

Wilson eventually fights fiercely like Henry and ends up fighting selflessly and well. Both Henry and Wilson being to doubt their naive version of courage when it really comes to battle. It shows his feelings of shame and guilt for fleeing the battle and shows his childish ways of dealing with conflicted feelings. Need Help With Your Essay?

The youth and the tattered soldier followed, sneaking as if whipped, feeling unable to face the stricken man if he should again confront them.

They began to have thoughts of a solemn ceremony. There was something rite-like in the movements of the doomed soldier. And there was a resemblance in him to a devotee of a mad religion, blood-sucking, muscle-wrenching, bone-crushing.

  • Unfortunately, his dreams are virtually shattered time and time again as he fights on in battle;
  • His reaching out for the flag proves to himself that he is just as brave and courageous as those soldiers whose stories dazzled him as a boy;
  • The anguish and torture that is usually associated with rites of passage and growing up is often used in literature, as it is common and easily understood.

They were awed and afraid. They hung back lest he have at command a dreadful weapon. It reminded him that the wounds that the men showed also displayed their courage which Henry did not believe he had since he ran away from the fight.

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Tales of great movements shook the land. They might not be distinctly Homeric, but there seemed to be much glory in them. He had read of marches, sieges, conflicts, and he had longed to see it all. His busy mind had drawn for him large pictures extravagant in color, lurid with breathless deeds.

Jim also is a reproach to his because Jim stood his ground, fought and died for his courage in battle when Henry ran away. There were many different characters in The Red Badge of Courage including Jim Conklin the tall soldierWilson the loud soldierand the tattered man along with Henry Fleming. This is the relationship between each one of these characters and the effects each one had on the other and to the story of the book.