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The palmer raids crossing the lines of justice essay

Morgan and other notable citizens. The headlines that followed pushed a conspiracy narrative and set off a Red Scare wave in the country. In New York City, killing two people.

The anarchist planting the bomb, Carlo Valdinoci, was the only casualty of the explosion. Other devices detonated in Boston, Cleveland and Philadelphia. Two anarchists working in a print shop traced to a flyer contained in each package were suspected, but were never convicted due to lack of evidence.

Edgar Hoovera Justice Department lawyer at the time, was put in charge of the group. Hoover coordinated intelligence from various sources to identify those radicals believed most prone to violence.

  1. We must be able to overthrow every committee supporting the majority group. This article from The New Republic by liberal journalist William Hard comes to the defense of the embattled radical strike leader.
  2. Debs in Atlanta, April 30, 1920. He was very active in St.
  3. In 1919 alone, 4 million workers went on strike because of the poor working environment.

Department of Justice agents stormed a meeting room and beat the 200 occupants with clubs and blackjacks. An algebra class was interrupted by armed agents, with the teacher being beaten.

The palmer raids crossing the lines of justice essay

The detained were ordered to hand over their money to agents, who were then directed to tear the place apart. Dragged and shoved into patrol wagons and taken into custody, agents searched among the detainees for members of the Union of Russian Workers. The questioning that followed revealed that only 39 of the people arrested had anything to do with the union. One thousand people were arrested in 11 cities.

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Seventy-five percent of the arrestees were released. Many of the alleged Communist sympathizers that were rounded up were deported in December 1919.

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  • The combined organization was not to have autonomous language federations, and membership by language branches in these federations was to be optional;
  • They cannot understand us because they were kept ignorant about the facts in the party;
  • Not even your name can hide their counterrevolutionary tendency.

A total of 249 radicals were deported aboard the ship, including Goldman. More violent abuses abounded: New York City deportee Gaspar Cannone was held secretly without being charged and beaten when he would not inform on others.

When Cannone refused to sign a statement admitting to being an anarchist, his signature was forged.

The Palmer Raids: Crossing the Lines of Justice Essay

She would not return to America until 1940 when her dead body was shipped for burial. Justice Department agents conducted raids in 33 cities, resulting in the arrest of 3,000 people. Over 800 of the arrested suspected radicals were living in the Boston area. Around 150 Chicagoans were arrested on January 1 in raids on union halls and radical bookstores.

Abuses of arrestees were routine: In Detroit, nearly 1,000 men were detained and starved for almost a week in a small area without windows on the top floor of the federal building. They were later transferred to Fort Wayne to be tortured during questioning.

Family members of prisoners were assaulted in front of them as part of interrogation. The ACLU took on cases defending immigrants that were being targeted and members of Industrial Workers of the World, as well as other trade union members and political radicals, directly combating the efforts of the Palmer raids. Palmer defended his actions in the press, but a subsequent report from a group of lawyers and judges revealing the extent to which due process had been disregarded caused further damage.

Assistant Secretary of Labor Louis F. Post invalidated well over 1,500 deportations.

Palmer Raids

Only 556 arrestees remained deported. He predicted an armed Communist uprising on May 1, 1920, to justify further raids and other actions.

  • The women were also teased and harassed by people who saw their husbands as criminals and terrorists;
  • The threat of war and yet more wars hangs over the people of almost every country of Europe and America;
  • Hire Writer Communism, in their eyes was the only way for everyone to be treated fairly and force was the only way to achieve this goal;
  • Abuses of arrestees were routine;
  • From what we can gain at this time, both factions in this split are about evenly divided in regard to membership backing, both claim to be the CP, and both will hold conventions.

When that never materialized, his plans fell apart and he was subject to near-universal mockery. A career politician, Palmer sought the Democratic nomination for president in 1920 but lost to James M. Palmer died in 1936. New York Daily News. A Byte Out of History: Chicago sweep, Palmer Raids were the apex of the Red Scare.