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The making and breaking of port kembla essay

Hire Writer I woke up like I do every morning knowing that I had to walk on campus backwards for an entire day. I began brushing teeth and washing my face. As I was washing my face, I accidentally put soap in my eyes because I was very nervous about the day. Afterwards, I got dressed and I started by walking backwards out of my room. Unfortunately, the elevator was broken that day and I had to walk backwards down two flights of steps. As you can imagine, this did not have a great outcome. I missed a step and fell down five steps.

I was happy I was not hurt and many people helped me up. Many of the people laughed at me as they were helping me get on my feet. My next big step was walking across the crosswalk on West 4th street on campus. As I began walking backwards, many people in their cars had funny looks on their faces and began to make weird gestures. Many cars honked at me because I walked slowly in order not to fall again. The duration of walking backwards to class was quite difficult for me.

Considering the fact, that I cannot see the people behind me and I still have to dodge cars. Once I was able to walk for a long period time without dodging cars, people began to look, whisper, laugh, and talk to me.

When I walked into class, my professor was quite humored at what I was doing. It seems like you will. I am trying to drive here! I politely continued walking and did not respond. My experience with sanctions came from a negative stand point as well as a positive one. In reality, not doing that is not the norm is bound to be looked at negatively.

The making and breaking of port kembla essay

I was criticized, embarrassed, and frowned upon. I felt that my behavior during that day did not violate any rules. But, as I analyzed everything that occurred to me on that day it felt as though I committed a crime. This experience taught me a lot about confirming to societal norms as well as the process of socialization. Yet, if I walk backwards to class there are prescribed negative sanctions for that particular behavior.

Our conscience has all the control on what is normal and what is not. If everyone is not doing the same as the others, it is negatively looked upon and there are consequences to those actions.

Why did he have to get out of the car and respond?

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I believe a lot of the problems with people who see different perspectives or ideas are they do not understand it. For example, homosexuality is still a societal norm. Unfortunately, these people have never tried to understand or ask why some humans feel attracted to their same sex.

The making and breaking of port kembla essay

Then the idea becomes our own personal sense of morality. Finally, it becomes a part of our culture. My social expectations changed after I did this experience.

I did not understand why there were so many negative reactions to me walking backwards. I felt the response was first the failure to control yourself.

Finally, it led to ignorance which made the person respond is such a manner. The only person who gave me positive feedback was my professor. Does that mean a person has to be educated to understand another perspective? Do we realize that the only people who help us or support us are the ones who may have some knowledge on Sociology?

It made me realize as a person that I should be opened to other cultures, traditions, and values. Everyone is entitled to live their lives how they want to.

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And whether that is being a homosexual to a nudist I should accept their particular culture within their society. Those ideas and perspectives that we as Americans tend to have are created through our subculture. As individuals together, we create our own beliefs and values and we bring those set beliefs on others because we think it is right. All in all, I have learned a lot about social norms. When it comes to people, cultures and traditions, and myself I believe that we have all together created norms and have defined them as being either wrong or right.

We can discover perspectives and ideas different from our own if we can learn from one another.

Breaking the Social Norm Essay

Our similarities and differences is what make us different and special. If we can learn to engage our observations of other cultures, values and beliefs, we could identify problems within our own cultures. We could connect our differences that we think are unfamiliar and step into a new cultural world.

Unfortunately, we are often blinded by our feelings and our beliefs. As I observe my subculture, I realize that this will never occur because we all think that we are right and everyone is wrong.

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