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The development of the atomic theory essay

The History Of The Atomic Theory and Michael Farrady 569 words - 2 pages Michael Faraday was a firm believer that solid experimentation was needed in order for a theory to be supported.

Whilst experimenting with electrical currents in 1819, he discovered that when a current passed through wire, it deflected the directional needle of a compass. This was the first time magnetism had been linked to electricity. Scientists from earlier times helped influence the discoveries that lead to the development of atomic energy.

This was important to the study of and understanding of atoms to future scientists. The Atomic Theory was a list of History of Chemistry: Dalton did much to contribute to the wide world of chemistry as a whole. Dalton is best known for his contribution to the modern atomic theory. Born in 1766, John Dalton faced many obstacles while studying chemistry.

Although many obstacles A very brief history of chemistry. Includes important scientists and their contributions to the advancement of chemistry 655 words - 3 pages The History and Progression of ChemistryThe birth of the modern atomic theory. In 1750, Rudjer Boscovich, a scientist born in what is now Croatia, suggested the theory that atoms were "uncuttable" might have been wrong.

Boscovich thought that atoms contain smaller parts, which in turn contain still smaller parts, and so forth down to the fundamental building blocks of matter.

He felt that these building blocks must be geometric points with no Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment 786 words - 3 pages ignored by the scientific community at the time.

Atomic Theory Essay

In spite of the views of other scientists, Rutherford's 1911 atomic model was backed by scientific proof of his Gold Foil Experiment. When he approched the experiment he respected and agreed with J. Thomson's, his friend and mentor, atomic theory.

This theory proposed that the electrons where evenly distributed throughout an atom. In that year Henri Becquerel of France discovered radioactivity of certain atoms. Influenced by Becquerel's work, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered two naturally radioactive elements, radium, and polonium. Following this, many more important discoveries occurred.

Stimson, a defendant of dropping the bomb on Japan, felt that the world would never be the same. If the world would change after using atomic weapons, could it possibly have changed for the better? One would think not. However, that person might be weary of the biased opinion of White House personnel.

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He or she should care more for Biography On John Dalton 365 words - the development of the atomic theory essay pages John Dalton an English chemist and physicist, was known to us for his atomic theory. Born in 1766, September, and taught by his father. He started teaching people at the young age of 12, but since he was discontent with the wages he got, which was just about 5 shillings, he started farming for two years.

Later, at 1793, he studied mathematics and natural philosophy at the Manchester Academy. At 1800, he published his atomic theory, explaining Similar Essays Atomic Theory Essay 1387 words - 6 pages 1. Greek philosopher, a central figure in the development of the atomic theory of the universe. Democritus' knowledge is largely limited to untrustworthy tradition. He was a wealthy citizen of Abdera, in Thrace. Democritus' physical and cosmological doctrines were an elaborated and systematized version of those of his teacher, Leucippus.

Democritus asserted that space, or the Voidhad an equal right with reality as he convinced the Atomic Theory Research Paper 1685 words - 7 pages Of all of the many scientists who played a major role in the formation of the atomic theory, it is believed that Dalton, Rutherford, Thompson, Bohr, and Planck are the five most influential. The research of this theory has gone on for many years and each and every one of them have brought us closer to our current understanding of the atom today. Each one of them played a special role in the development process of the atom and most importantly Dalton's Atomic Theory Essay 627 words - 3 pages Dalton's Atomic TheoryToday, John Dalton is one of the most well known scientists from the 1800's.

In addition to proposing an accurate three-part atomic theory, he also discovered colour blindness and made many important observations about the characteristics of weather. Less than twenty years before the establishment of Dalton's theory, Lavoisier focused on making careful quantitative measurements, which allowed him to determine the composition Niels Bohr And The Atomic Theory 637 words - 3 pages Over the years there have been many scientists studying the atom and making huge discoveries.

  • A beam of x-rays was passed between the plates;
  • Dalton propounded that matter is composed of tiny particles called atoms and that atoms can neither be changed nor destroyed;
  • In his theory published in the eighteenth century, John Dalton, an English Chemist made several postulations;
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  • He sprayed tiny drops onto the space above two metal plates.

Although all of them have been on the right path, Niels Bohr was credited with having the most correct atomic model and electron mechanics until recently. Coming from a very educated background, Bohr came up with his atomic theory which corrected Rutherford's atomic theory. His discovery made a huge impact on what everyone else thought about the atom Other Popular Essays.