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Study two university at the same time essay

Time Management Tips from Students

Fortunately, these Montreal schools are about 15 minutes away from each other, so no teleportation was required, although, at times, it would have helped. But then the program at McGill turned out to be totally focused on theory, with barely any practical courses. We never made anything.

The rest of the course is spent looking at different cases, where the professor changes the assumptions slightly each time. Because the professor leads the students by the hand and shows them all the combinations of assumptions, no one ever really learns much. After about a semester or so, I was dying. A vision of film animation popped into my head again, and the idea of dropping engineering was attractive. I checked the deadline to apply to Concordia, and it turned out I had two days to submit my application.

I rummaged around frantically to find my portfolio, tore a bunch of stuff out of it, took pictures of some new artwork, crammed those and some different sketches back in, rewrote my cover letter and submitted my application at the last possible minute.

I resigned myself to a life of throwing assumptions at formulas.

Several months later, the letter arrived: I had been accepted. At the time, I assumed film animation would be easy. Like many people pursuing degrees that involve science or math, I believed non-science degrees were way easier.

And when I was studying mechanical engineering, I had plenty of free time on my hands. I went to bagpipe practice at least once a week, did art lessons, and learned woodworking on weekends. And I wasted lots of time. So I thought that I could just replace all my hobbies and wasted time with a part-time course load of film animation, while still maintaining a full course load in mechanical engineering. Luckily, courses could be dropped after a few weeks, or else I would be dead.

After significantly realigning expectations, I ended up doing three full-credit courses at each university. This would pretty much be my course load for the next few years, along with as many summer courses as possible. Let me tell you, film animation was study two university at the same time essay more work than mechanical engineering.

But there is nothing in the world more time-consuming than animation. In hand-drawn animation, up to 24 images have to be drawn for every second of film time, creating a sense of motion. My final-year film was five minutes long. There are a few things that made the workload manageable. First, the more work I have, the more efficient and focused I become. This wasted time just has to be factored in. Second, while studying mechanical engineering required me to be sharp, I could get many of the long, tedious stages of the animation process done with very little sleep.

So I would stay up over a few days to work on animation, then sleep a bunch and study for an engineering test.

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Third, none of my fine arts courses had final exams during the exam period, so there was never any risk of having two exams overlap.

So, when work heated up to the point that I badly needed sleep, I ended up skipping nearly all my McGill classes and was still able to do all right.

Scheduling caused some of the highest levels of stress that I have ever experienced. So if a student deviates from the usual schedule students often fail courses and redo them, study abroad or get internshipshe starts to run into problems, because more and study two university at the same time essay of the necessary courses conflict. As a result, I had to plan years in advance and have a high course load early on in order to have all required prerequisites and reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts later.

However, sometimes this meant that McGill classes partially overlapped with Concordia ones. Out of the two degrees, I learned much more from film animation. The program and classes were just much better structured.

Every year at Concordia, there was a course in which we would make one or more films, applying the technical and theoretical knowledge gained from previous courses. It was still structured, so we had to make a plan and follow a schedule. We had to tackle technical challenges up front to prove we could handle them, and there were specific deadlines and goals that we had to hit. All in all, film animation at Concordia was about learning through projects. This is what I really wanted from engineering.

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My experience with McGill engineering in general is that it is a very disorganized and uncaring environment. I came in extremely enthusiastic, but that enthusiasm was slowly sucked out of me. Coming out of the film animation program at Concordia, I am confident I can make a film. If you were wondering—or perhaps looking for an excuse to discount my criticisms—my marks were pretty decent in both degrees.

So there is still much to aspire to.