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Short essay on love marriage vs arranged marriage

Sep 15, 2018 Hello friends. In my opinion, I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage we already knew each other.

There is less chance of dowry during marriage and also domestic violence in the society would be less if its a love marriage.

So, we should definitely encourage live marriage so that we can't get out of any trouble and enjoy the future life in safely. Sep 3, 2018 So, You basically have 3 Options - Stay as a bachelor, Find the love of your life and go for love marriage, and, finally, trust your parents in hope that they will find a best match for you i. According to me, whether you want to become a bachelor for life, or get yourself engaged love or arranged - its totally upto you, upto your upbringing i.

Like everyone has said - go for love short essay on love marriage vs arranged marriage there is better understanding or go for arranged as there are no divorce cases because your family with support you. Go for love as, since, you know your partner better, so, he will take care of you for lifetime and go for arranged, as no matter what the situation your family will always be there for you.

Please come out of that". You will get love, support, care and dowry-free life from both marriages - - if your partner is good and if his family has a good modern thinking. I love doing "Love Marriages" because I love doing it and I have no particular reason of doing it.

But, but, I am of the other opinion here as well. May be, your parents can help you find the person of your type, taste and choice as they know you well so, they may know, who can fit you well. It will be complex as you will make it. Sep 2, 2018 In my opinion, both the topics stand equally right. In today's scenario, in arrange marriage, parents give both people ample of time to understand each other before taking a final call.

This helps them to understand each other in a better way. While talking about love marriage, the understanding betwen the two persons is very high as they are together for a longer period of time and knows each other in a beter way in every aspect of life.

In my opinion, dealing with the today's scenario where the parents are supportive there is not much difference between the love and arrange marriage because in both of them you get the time to know your partner.

Aug 26, 2018 Hello, my dear friends. In my point of view, it's very difficult to say which is really better among love marriage and arranged marriage. Both or like head and tails. Sometimes love marriage is better as same time arranged also better in some cases. But marriage is most important part of every ones life. I ll try to explain with an example as we know very well arranged marriages are can be done by parents without knowing their children opinion, we can say its a family forced marriage, but they ll care about them before and after marriage also.

They will protect and save them in difficult situations even. But the persons who are going to marry thy don't know each others much. They may face problems after getting married. If come to love marriage both are comfortable with each other because they knew their behavior, tastes, decision making ufcourse everything.

Short essay on love marriage vs arranged marriage they can live very easily but they might be eliminated by the families in some cases. At that time they might not have much protection. One more point I want to mention as we know now a days the persons who got love married they are also taking divorce then what is the meaning of love and where is the love. This we can see in arranged marriage also. The family save them.

Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

Finally, I'm concluding this topic it's difficult to say but I can stick with arranged marriage only. Aug 24, 2018 The gap what we observe between love marriage and arrange marriage can be minimised if parents starts seeing love marriage not in negative sense. They should think what is more important the community or their children. There could be various issues of different people with their parents but they are always most respected.

  1. That's why I support love marriage.
  2. If all goes well, the couple will get married after the courtship period and will live happily ever after.
  3. Dan arranged marriage they are the first, 2010 what makes it.
  4. But marriage is most important part of every ones life.
  5. Love marriages are probably ill-adjusted to adapt to the curve balls that life usually throws just for the reason that there is higher level of expectation. Jun 2, 2018 According to me, love Marriage and arrange marriage both are equally depend on the understanding I don't know more about on both matter but recently I saw two couples married with love relationship and I shocked no one understands to each other no any bounding in both couple who always beating and diputing to each other and both have equally ego and no one can hear the word of each other.

Aug 22, 2018 Hello everyone! According to me, love marriage is everyone's dream but all dreams can't happen in reality.

So family support is most necessary if not.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage – A Comprehensive Analysis

Then anyone should do arrange marriage because nothing is bigger than our family which is our base. Our parents do so many sacrifices for us and. Unfortunately, they are demanding for arrange marriage and they are against of love marriage short essay on love marriage vs arranged marriage only do whatever our family want because our love marriage feelings are too small in front of their love, care, financial support and most importantly so many sacrifices.

Finally, love after or before marriage does not matter but understanding, care and love make a happy married life forever. Aug 10, 2018 Hello everyone, I would say that I support love marriages because we have been taught that marriage is not a game and everyone has to take it seriously.

Love marriage allows a person to know their partners in a better way that is likes, dislikes, comfort zones etc. Which can help them in taking their bond to an upper level. Love is the only guardian of every relationship and in arrange marriages love doesn't happens by choice but because their is no other choice. If you say that there can be problems between parents and children because love marriage then let me tell you sir that problems may occur in arrange marriages too.

And what matters is that one should have the right to choose their own life partners because one has to spend one's whole life with that person. Aug 6, 2018 Hi myself Manisha. My perception is candid about both ways of marriage. If you succeed in your life and you have the best relationship with someone, spontaneously your family will agree easily in case of love marriage.

And arranged marriage would be your option. Aug 5, 2018 In my opinion, the arrange marriages are much better than love marriages because first of all it is according to the consent and happiness of both the families. Secondly, parents are children's best wishes.

Essay on Arrange Marriage vs. Love Marriage

So they decide the best for their children. And life is much more sorted in arrange marriage than a love marriage. Aug 5, 2018 Hello everyone. Good morning all my dear friends. Myself Ashutosh Singh Kushwaha.

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

I don't have much knowledge about life, especially marriage life. Because in love marriage we know everything about our partners before marriage. Generally, both the partners know each other very well in terms of likes, dislikes, ambition etc and they already idea about their future. In love marriage, the most important factor is that destroy the dowry system. Aug 4, 2018 Arrange marriage is better than because my parents are allowed them and make me happy but love marriage is not successful because love is after the marriage but not in before the marriage many expectations is available in after the marriage in love marriage so better is arrange marriage.

Aug 3, 2018 Hi friends. Finally, I think that the love marriage is better than the arranged marriage, because it has many benefits such and the understanding between the two couples'', and the happiness and peace in the family and I want to send the message to all the youth to be careful in their love, and their emotions especially in marriage.

Love Marriage

Jul 27, 2018 Hello everyone! Good Evening to one and all present here! Of course, I agree to all of you who support Love Marriages and their reasons but I would like to support Arranged Marriages because, In love marriages, some of the parents may not agree them getting married.

So as a result Parents and their children are getting separated and there arises alot of disputes between them. Therefore when a problem comes between the couple who gets married will directly apply to divorce due to the lack of good suggestions, knowledge and support from their parents.

Whereas in arranged marriages, Parents will be supportive, together with us in all difficult situations. Jul 26, 2018 Hello everyone, Talking about love marriage generally both the partners know each other very well in terms of likes, dislikes, ambitions etc and they have already had an idea about their future. Both the partners had already opened to each other and also they short essay on love marriage vs arranged marriage evaluated their relationship before marriage how long can they take up.

All these things are not possible in arrange marriage. Some of the times in arrange marriage one agrees to get married because of their parents. Love marriage gives you the freedom to decide the path of your life. So love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Jul 26, 2018 Hello friends. In my opinion, love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Because love marrige people are powerful in their boning and releactionship bettween them.

I think we do arrange marrige for our parents and society. Jul 20, 2018 According to me, love marriage is better than arrange marriage if our parents support us. Because in love marriage we know most of the things likes and dislikes about our partner.

But in the arrange marriage there may be the pressure from our parents and we can suffer from it in our future. Jul 18, 2018 I like love marriage. Because love marriage people are Powerful in their bonding and relationship between them is very strong no miss understanding between them.

Love marriage is better than arrange marriage.

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage Essay

Because in love marriage we know everything about our partner. But in arrange marriage by arranging one meeting how could they decide that they made for each other. I think that we do arrange a marriage for our parents and society. But in love marriage, we can satisfy ourselves. That's why I support love marriage. Jul 17, 2018 Hi friends. According to me, arrange marriage is more beneficial than the love marriage because nowadays both are become a very similar thing whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage etc.

They finding a people according to us even they allow to meet them and and left some time to understand them, officially they meet numbers of time throughout the day since they know themselves for the first time, till the marriage, eventually they fully understand each other and finally they have fallen in love and got married to each other so far as my thinking its best way to getting arrange marriage despite given pain and hurt love marriage to anyone especially parent.