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Romeo and juliet essay on love moderately

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The love between the two eponymous characters, Romeo and Juliet, is set in the context of hate, so their love stands out as more pure, and infused with tragedy. Later on, we see romantic love for Juliet.

Unromantic love is presented by Lady Capulet as she speaks to her daughter about marriage. The Nurse and Mercutio represent sexual love.

  • Their sonnet ends in a kiss;
  • Over hearing this, Romeo swears his loyalty to Juliet.

Other loves presented include, spiritual love, passionate love and moderate love. Examining the different views of love in the play will answer the many questions of love that Shakespeare poses, for example, what is the power of love, and what is the value of love? He talks to Benvolio revealing he is in love with a girl called Rosaline who is the niece of Capulet, and does not love him back. This unrequited love makes Romeo feel as if he is not himself and very depressed.

This courtly love makes Romeo speak and behave differently as well. He uses elaborate images to convey his feelings and exaggerates his love for Rosaline. He uses artificial language in front of his friends and family. These include oxymorons, which show that he has mixed emotions and fractured, confused thoughts.

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He has used many positive and negative phrases in his speech: More negative complex metaphors are used which convey monstrous images of love. The love that he feels for Rosaline is partly melodramatic. His use of rhyming couplets makes his speech sound like a well-rehearsed poem. The imagery he uses would make the audience wonder whether his feelings for Rosaline are actually genuine or not, or is he just in love with the idea of being in love?

Benvolio is determined to show Romeo that Rosaline is not the only beautiful girl in Verona. The Capulet party was organized for Juliet to meet a wealthy man, Paris, who her parents want her to marry. This is where Romeo and Juliet first meet each other and fall in love. Here Benvolio shows Romeo that Rosaline is just an ordinary woman. At the Capulet party, Juliet appears as an angel, showing her to be very romeo and juliet essay on love moderately and pure.

The audience now know his feelings for Rosaline were exaggerated and not genuine at all. The love he shows for Juliet is real love shown by the dramatic change in his language and behavior. His new language contains simplicity, as opposed to the forced intelligent phrases and oxymorons he used to get attention when Rosaline rejected him.

The Balcony scene shows Romeo using heavenly imagery, to describe her, and his feelings for her.

Scenes In Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo uses the religious imagery to impress his love on Juliet, and says it would be a sin to touch her with his hand. Their sonnet ends in a kiss. Act Two scene two shows the characters declaring their love for each other, with Romeo scaling the walls of the Capulet mansion and Juliet revealing her thoughts on the balcony.

Over hearing this, Romeo swears his loyalty to Juliet. This shows he wants to be with her for the rest of his life and is committed to her already. Juliet is told by her mother that Paris would like to marry her, during Act One scene 3. She agrees to look at Paris at the party: She has not encountered the strength and beauty of true love, so her view is open-minded.

Juliet meets Romeo and is immediately attracted to him. She is worried, though that she has been too quickly won over, and their love is too unadvised. She has a romantic awakening and wants to commit herself already; she is prepared to give up her name, as well as her identity, inheritance, family and status. Her willingness to sacrifice these things inputs her character with the strength of love. Her romantic view of love shows her with direct and honest approach to courtship: In truth fair Montague I am too fond, And therefore than mayst I think my haviour light.

This results in Juliet announcing her marriage — again dismissing traditional forms of courtship — when she says: Their love is so pure that the hatred between them is overpowered. Their eternal love is motivated by trust and not lust. The love scenes, including the balcony scene, are set away from the context of hate to show their loyalty towards each other.

The environment around their love is so beautiful, that they have not thought of the consequences of them being together at all.

The audience know that their love is real, and the strength behind it is immense, but fear the tests their love is set against. Lady Capulet, herself, was part of an arranged marriage to her husband, and therefore believes that her own daughter should go through this, and have children, despite being only thirteen years old. Se talks about what Paris has, money, and not what Juliet thinks about him, and how she feel, therefore her view is an unromantic one.

The announcement itself, mounts more tension, and pressure on Juliet, and creates another complication, as romeo and juliet essay on love moderately is already secretly married to Romeo and juliet essay on love moderately. This scene is very ironic, as she has just consummated her marriage with Romeo. His response is bad tempered one. He shouts at her an calls her names: Out you green-sickness carrion. He rejects her just like she rejected Paris.

This is because they love each other so much they are prepared to go to any length to be with each other. The Nurse tells many rude jokes and makes bawdy and sexual comments. The Nurse has raised Juliet ever since birth, and has a better relationship with her than her own mother.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Her sexual punning reflects her own preoccupation with sex, as she believes women are fulfilled by men sexually and romantically and views love as more physical, than emotional. She advises Juliet to marry Paris, though, when she is told of the arranged marriage.

This shows she has little regard for the meaning of real love and the loyalty given to it. She does not understand the true love that people feel for each other as she sees marriage as a matter of convenience.

Her thoughts and views are inconstant and her only real view of love is that of the physical parts of love and marriage. She is driven by lust and not emotional love.

Her bawdy comments and rude jokes often provide comic relief to the play. He also represents the physical side of love and views women only as sexual objects.

Views of love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

His view of women as sexual objects makes him seek gratification from them. He uses clever punning and witty language to, bring comic relief to the play.

This is another contrast with the love between Romeo and Julie, which is romantic.

  • These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die, like fire and powder;
  • The environment around their love is so beautiful, that they have not thought of the consequences of them being together at all;
  • The love he shows for Juliet is real love shown by the dramatic change in his language and behavior;
  • Romeo compares Juliet to a saint, the imagery of light is very important;
  • I have also seen the two justly famous film adaptations — that of Zeffirelli and that of Baz Luhrmann, both in their differing ways excellent — and I have read the play thoroughly.

The spirituality and purity of their love is highlighted even further by deprecating mockery and bawdy jokes, not always directed at them, by characters like the Nurse and Mercutio, whose view of love is contrasted with that of Romeo and Juliet.

He is involved in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, as he is the one who came up with the misguided plan. Friar Lawrence represents moderate love. This love is of caution and he views this as everlasting love. At the beginning of the play he scolds Romeo for being too fickle too fast and giving up Rosaline too quickly. He worries that the same could happen to Juliet. Despite this he agrees to marry the two lovers in secret, as he believes it could end the feud between their two families: These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die, like fire and powder.

The Friar comes up with the plan to keep Romeo and Juliet together and make Juliet not go thorough with the arranged marriage to Paris. However, we know the risky and complicated plan would not go according to romeo and juliet essay on love moderately plan and therefore the Friar prepares us for tragedy.

William Shakespeare views love as triumphant. He attempts to show us that love is stronger than hate, and has the power to overcome hate. The love between Romeo and Juliet has the power to conquer hate, despite the consequences and sacrifices. The Friar and the prince, despite their enormous powers, have already failed to put an end to the feuding. The play is ended not with despair but with peace in Verona. If the play had actually ended with death and not reconciliation, love would seem weak and shattered by the tragedy.

It would have showed that nothing was gained and love was ruined in vain. However, the play ended in reconciliation, showing that love will not be lost for no reason, but brings more love with it despite sacrifices.