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Relationship between program planning and grant proposals essay

Even though this classic guide for the nonprofit field was written in 1972, it's still in demand. With more than a million copies used and treasured by organizations all over the globe, we are delighted to tell you that the updated version will be ready this October!

  • The cover letter should be on agency stationery and signed by the appropriate organizational official;
  • This chart is used to present a detailed list of all activities and their projected date of completion;
  • Common Elements of Grant Proposals Grant proposals are often organized in distinct sections;
  • Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests;
  • However, use a vivid image, compelling anecdote, or memorable phrase if it conveys the urgency or importance of what you are proposing to do;
  • A mere mention will not suffice.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek, just a small slice—the first part of a 2-part excerpt from the addendum of Grantsmanship: The topic is the difference between a planning and an implementation or program grant proposal. Planning Grant Proposals Recognizing the crucial role of planning in large-scale community projects, some funders offer planning grants. This type of grant results in a broadly accepted community plan of action.

Some funders require grant seekers to successfully complete a formal, community planning process before they compete for an implementation grant.

Planning vs. Program Grants - part 1 of 2

Planning grants and implementation grants produce different types of results. A planning grant results in a product—a plan of action. An implementation grant results in a change in the problem itself. While developing a proposal for a planning grant is much the same as developing a request for a program grant, there are a few important differences. Program Proposal The discussion of the problem is almost identical to that of a planning proposal.

The plan should be well-reasoned, broadly accepted, and designed to address factors that are causing the problem. To the greatest extent possible, the plan should be based on solid evidence that the approaches identified are likely to succeed.

Within eight months, an Action Plan will be adopted by the community coalition: The Action Plan will be based on research or other evidence that the proposed approaches are likely to be effective in addressing the problem; Process documents will verify that the eight targeted segments of the community were vigorously engaged in data gathering, research, and planning Program Proposal The long-term GOAL of an implementation grant is also a reduction in the problem. These changes will take place during the period of grant funding.

  • Additionally when you apply to more than one source at the same time, be sure to think strategically about the kind of support you are asking from which organization;
  • While providing detailed specification of theory-based implementation strategies is critical, it is also imperative that investigators acknowledge the complexity of implementation processes;
  • How and why is a program evaluation plan useful in a grant proposal?
  • Writing a proposal for the project helps staff organize ideas and concepts and develop them into an effective program;
  • This was viewed as particularly important when the study section to review the grant may not understand or appreciate implementation research.

Here are examples of outcomes for a program to address poverty: Who will lead the charge? Who has agreed to participate? What are the specific questions the process will address?

Planning and Writing a Grant Proposal: The Basics

What community resources is your group bringing to the table — meeting space, social media, reporting? Will you bring in experts to discuss the data or to help explore the most promising approaches for addressing the problem?

  • You have been invited to apply for a grant award;
  • J Gen Intern Med;
  • Though models, frameworks, and systems are generally at a higher level of abstraction than theories, it is important to note that the level of abstraction varies both between and within the categories of the hierarchy;
  • What are the goals of your project?
  • The field of implementation science needs information about the process of change where readiness varies, including settings where change is resisted;
  • Magnabosco [ 49 ] delineates between pre-implementation, initial implementation, and sustainability planning phases.

Program Proposal For an implementation proposal, the Methods Section provides a detailed description of exactly what the community will do to address the problem.

It tells the reader specifically what the Action Plan is and how it will be implemented. Please contact us for permission if you'd like to use this copyrighted material in some other way: We love to hear from you!