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Individuals standing "outside society", by choice or designated as with exiled persons ; Monkhood; In some tribal societies, individuals remain "dangerous" or excluded because of a failed ritual passage; Twins are permanently liminal in some societies. Prolonged wars, enduring political instability, prolonged intellectual confusion; Incorporation and reproduction of liminality into "structures"; Modernity as "permanent liminality". Another significant variable is "scale," or the "degree" to which an individual or group experiences liminality.

Seeing as liminal periods are both destructive and constructive, the ideas and practices that emerge from these liminal historical periods are of extreme importance, as they will "tend to take on the quality of structure". One primary characteristic of liminality as defined van Gennep and Turner is that there is a way in as well as a way out.


They allow for the emergence of "self-proclaimed ceremony masters", that assume leadership positions and attempt to "[perpetuate] liminality and by emptying the liminal moment of real creativity, [turn] it into a scene of mimetic rivalry". What takes place in the dark phase of liminality is a process of breaking down. Carl Rogers describes "the 'out-of-this-world' quality that many therapists have remarked upon, a sort of trance-like feeling in the relationship that client and therapist emerge from at the end of the hour, as if from a deep well or tunnel.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September 2010 In rites[ edit ] In the context of rites, liminality is being artificially produced, as opposed to those situations such as natural disasters in which it can occur spontaneously.

That no man's land represents the limbo associated with liminality. The stress of accomplishing tasks for college has been lifted, yet the individual has not moved on to a new stage in life psychologically or physically. The result is a unique perspective on what has come before, and what may come next.

It can include the period between when a couple get engaged and their marriage or between death and burial, for which cultures may have set ritual observances. Even sexually liberal cultures may strongly disapprove of an engaged spouse having sex with another person during this time. When a marriage proposal is initiated there is a liminal stage between the question and the answer during which the social arrangements real essays 3rd edition by susan anker both parties involved are subject to transformation and inversion; a sort of "life stage limbo" so to speak in that the affirmation or denial can result in multiple and diverse outcomes.

He refers to a liminal zone at an event as the creation of "time out of time: He notes that this liminal zone is both spatial and temporal and integral when planning a successful event e. The name is from an actual zone observable from space in the place where daylight or shadow advances or retreats about the Earth.

Noon and, more often, midnight can be considered liminal, the first transitioning between morning and afternoon, the latter between days. Within the years, liminal times include equinoxes when day and night have equal length, and solsticeswhen the increase of day or night shifts over to its decrease.

Where the quarter days are held to mark the change in seasons, they also are liminal times. New Year's Daywhatever its connection or lack of one to the astrological sky, is a liminal time. Customs such as fortune-telling take advantage of this liminal state. In a number of cultures, actions and events on the first day of the year can determine the year, leading to such beliefs as first-foot. Many cultures regard it as real essays 3rd edition by susan anker time especially prone to hauntings by ghosts — liminal beingsneither alive nor dead.

Christian worship[ edit ] Liminal existence can be located in a separated sacred space, which occupies a sacred time. Examples in the Bible include the dream of Jacob Genesis 28: The congregation is transformed in the liminal space and as they exit, are sent out back into the world to serve. Of beings[ edit ] Various minority groups can be considered liminal.

In reality illegal immigrants present but not "official"and stateless people, for example, are regarded as liminal because they are "betwixt and between home and host, part of society, but sometimes never fully integrated". Teenagers, being neither children nor adults, are liminal people: The category could also hypothetically and in fiction include cyborgshybrids between two species, shapeshifters.

In places[ edit ] The spatial dimension of liminality can include specific places, larger zones or areas, or entire countries and larger regions.

For a hotel worker an insider or a person passing by with disinterest a total outsiderthe hotel would have a very different connotation. To a traveller staying there, the hotel would function as a liminal zone, just as 'doors and windows and hallways and gates frame. Major transformations occur at crossroads and other liminal places, at least partly because liminality—being so unstable—can pave the way for access to esoteric knowledge or understanding of both sides.

In contemporary culture viewing the nightclub experience dancing in a nightclub through the liminoid framework highlights the 'presence or absence of opportunities for social subversion, escape from social structures, and exercising choice'. Enhancing the consumer experience of these liminoid aspects may heighten experiential feelings of escapism and play, thus encouraging the consumer to more freely consume'. Lleu could not be killed during the day or night, nor indoors or outdoors, nor riding or walking, nor clothed or naked and is attacked at dusk, while wrapped in a net with one foot on a cauldron and one on a goat.

Likewise, in Hindu text Bhagavat PuranaVishnu appears in a half-man half- lion form named Narasimha to destroy the demon Hiranyakashipu who has obtained the power never to be killed in day nor night, in the ground nor in the air, with weapon nor by bare hands, in a building nor outside it, by man nor beast. Narasimha kills Hiranyakashipu at dusk, across his lap, with his sharp claws, on the threshold of the palace, and as Narasimha is a god himself, the demon is killed by neither man nor beast.

In the MahabharataIndra promises not to slay Namuci and Vritra with anything wet or dry, nor in the day or in the night, but instead kills them at dusk with foam. In ethnographic research[ edit ] In ethnographic research, 'the researcher is.

The researcher must consider the self in relation to others and his or her positioning in the culture being studied.

In many cases, greater participation in the group being studied can lead to increased access of cultural information and greater in-group understanding of experiences within the culture. However increased participation also blurs the role of the researcher in data collection and analysis. This liminal state of being betwixt and between is emotional and uncomfortable as the researcher uses self-reflexivity to interpret field observations and interviews.

Some scholars argue that ethnographers are present in their research, occupying a liminal state, regardless of their participant status. A researcher, often unconsciously, selects what to observe, how to record observations and how to interpret observations based on personal reference points and experiences.

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For example, even in selecting what observations are interesting to record, the researcher must interpret and value the data available. To explore the liminal state of the researcher in relation to the culture, self-reflexivity and awareness are important tools to reveal researcher bias and interpretation.

In popular culture[ edit ] Novels and short stories[ edit ] Rant: Possession is a romance by A. Byatt, which describes how postmodern 'Literary theory. When he finishes his quest, he returns, but changed, seeing the world differently. The giver of the tollbooth is never seen and name never known, and hence, also remains liminal. In Offshorea British novel by Penelope Fitzgeraldthe characters live between sea and land on docked boats, becoming liminal people; as such, liminality is a major theme in the novel.

Bellow 's varied uses of liminality. They alternate between hope and hopelessness. At times one forgets what they are even waiting for, and the other reminds him: The identity of 'Godot' is never revealed, and perhaps the men do not know Godot's identity.

The men are trying to keep up their spirits as they wander the empty stage, waiting. Films and TV shows[ edit ] The Twilight Zone 1959—2003 is a US television anthology series that explores unusual situations between reality and the paranormal.

In the film Waking Lifeabout dreams, Aklilu Gebrewold talks about liminality. Music and other media[ edit ] "Liminal Space" is an album by American breakcore artist Xanopticon. Coil mention liminality throughout their works, most explicitly with the title of their song "Batwings A Limnal Hymn " sic from their album Musick real essays 3rd edition by susan anker Play in the Dark Vol.

Liminoid experiences[ edit ] In 1974, Victor Turner coined the term liminoid to refer to experiences that have characteristics of liminal experiences but are optional and do not involve a resolution of a personal crisis. The liminal is part of society, an aspect of social or religious rite, while the liminoid is a break from society, part of "play" or "playing". Turner stated that liminal rites are rare and diminished in industrial societies, and 'forged the concept of "liminoid" rituals for analogous but secular phenomena' such as attending rock concerts and other [81] —liminoid experiences.