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Multiculturalism in canada the benefits of a multicultural society essay

The renewed program worked towards three main goals: The Multicultural Policy in Canada states that all people are equal, and can participate as a member of society, regardless of racial, cultural, ethnic, or religious background. Yet no matter how much the policy changed, the effects of this policy are very evident.

This means that the immigrants coming into Canada are not only from European descent; rather, they are coming from other continents, such as Africa, South America, and Asia. However, does this mean that multiculturalism in Canada has had a positive effect on society? Many will argue that Canada would be better off without its lenient attitude towards immigration and multiculturalism. By putting many different races together, all of which have different cultural and value differences, acts of discrimination and racism are bound to occur.

Rather than unite Canadians, these factors would only divide Canadian society. Another main reason as to why some people view multiculturalism in Canada negatively is because it creates confusion and misunderstanding.

Many people that come to Canada know only their native tongue, and their own countries rules and laws. Being introduced to Canadian laws, language and customs can prove to be quite the challenge. A third reason as to multiculturalism in canada the benefits of a multicultural society essay not everyone supports multiculturalism is because of the fear of eroding traditional British heritage.

Canada has close ties to its mother-nation Britain, and many believe that by allowing immigrants of different ethnic backgrounds into the country, the link between Canada and Britain will only weaken Satzewich, 1992. These are all examples of downsides to Canadian multiculturalism, yet there are many benefits that result from multiculturalism as well. The benefits of multiculturalism in Canada make up for the drawbacks.

One of the downsides to multiculturalism was that it leads to racism.

Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

This is due to the fact that once many different ethnic groups have been living with each other for some time, they begin to understand each other more, and therefore feel closer and more connected to each other Samuda, 1984.

This results in less racism and prejudice towards one another. For instance, a Hindu who only knows his own religion and way of life will see the way that other races live, and therefore his knowledge about other religions, countries, values, etc.

This in turn allows the Hindu to have more freedom, because he now sees other ways of living, and can choose however he wants to live. This is a very important aspect of Canadian society: Another positive effect that multiculturalism has had on Canada is that Canada is now a country so diverse and so rich in culture, that there are now vast amounts of ideas, opinions, and lifestyles to explore.

Without multiculturalism, Canada would not be so rich in art and cultural traditions Samuda, 1984.

Essay: Multiculturalism in Canada

All of the above benefits that multiculturalism has had on Canadian society are important, yet the main positive effect that multiculturalism has had on Canada is that it has basically shaped Canada into the country that we now know it as today.

Immigrants that come to Canada are beneficial to Canadian society because: Immigration into Canada is the main reason as to why Canada has become a successful country Reitz, 1980. Evidently, Canada has benefited from its multicultural policies, in particular its policies towards immigration. They were not treated the same as white people were Bibby, 1990.

So the question that should be asked is why were so many immigrants even allowed into Canada, if they were not wanted there?

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They were allowed to come simply because Canada needed workers. An easy solution to the increasing demands for labourers in Canada was to allow immigrants to come into the country to work Bibby, 1990. Canada needed workers, and many flocked into Canada, only this time, not all were labourers. Many were professors and well-educated people, whom were fleeing their home country, coming to Canada as refugees Satzewich, 1992.

Over the next few years, Canadian attitudes towards multiculturalism became more welcoming, while the last racial and ethnic barriers to Canadian immigration were removed. With immigrants mainly moving into large cities in Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, cultural diversity was becoming increasingly evident in these major urban areas Satzewich, 1992.

Most immigrants moved into large cities because of two reasons: Over the years, attitudes towards multiculturalism and immigration have changed, with many people now recognizing the benefits of a multicultural society.

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  2. Immigrants that come to Canada are beneficial to Canadian society because.
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People are now looking towards the future, trying to see what effects multiculturalism will have on society within the next few decades. Throughout history, it is evident that immigration into Canada becomes more open and welcome when there is a need for a larger labour force Bibby, 1990. No matter what policy is put into effect, one thing remains clear: As it does so presently and as it has done so in the past, multiculturalism will continue to benefit Canadian society, making the quality of life better and more fulfilling to all Canadians.

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Canada's Multiculturalism And Its Benefits Essay

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