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Martin l. king and malcolm x essay

Compare the Roles of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X Essay

However this could be to general a judgement to make. He furthers this pointing martin l. king and malcolm x essay similaries in their childhoods by saying that both men as young boys sat in pews as they watch their fathers preach the word of the gospel. Both men were fighting for civil rights, yet had very different ideas as to what civil rights meant. Such teaching stemmed from his Christian faith that teaches that there is no difference between people that we are all one in Christ8.

King believed that only through peaceful demonstration could such racial equality could be achieved. This lead the black people to look to black leaders, instead of Jesus. Cone furthers this statement by arguing that this was the reason why Malcolm X and the nation of Islam was so successful. Similarly with King, people often forget that after his break with the Nation of Islam, X was beginning to lean towards Kings Intergrationalist teachings.

However how reliable are these stereotypes? No one has communicated the idea of the American dream with greater oratorical power Martin Luther King, Jr. He Kings admirers frequently refer to him as the dreamer. It can be argued that Martin Luther Kings dream was narrow minded, particularly in the beginning stages of his civil rights campaign.

Which began with the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 and ending with the Voting Rights Bill of 1965, when we look at what King actually set out to achieve in theses years its clear that King was concerned with legislation and creating equality in society, he often protested against different aspects of legislation.

As Malcolm X realised earlier that King that changing legislation will not further the civil rights cause, because every aspect that society sees things is underpinned with prejudice views. Therefore society is what needed to be changed before attempting to change the fruit of society. However when we look at the latter stages of Kings Louis Lomax argues that both men were unsuccessful in the fact that they were are time hypocrites and contradicted there own beliefs.

Lomax states that both men urged African-Americans to forget their difference and unite ina common struggle for justice and freedom, yet they themselves did lead by example by joining forces in a black united front.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Essay

When we look at the latter stages of both of their movements there is plenty of evidence to suggest that both men were edging closer to the others visons, with King realising that simple legislation would do little to achieve his American dream, King also realised that he was ignorance of the northern states in America was ostracising them from joining in with his vison, he actively set out to change this by moving him and his family to Chicago.

Despite their martin l. king and malcolm x essay ideologies, successes and influence we can conclude that both Martin Luther Kling Jr and Malcolm X ultimately became towering icons of contemporary African-American culture.

Instead of comparing them and pitting them against each other we should realise that their roles had a great influence on black Americans and the civil rights movement as a whole, the fact that we are still talking about them four decades after their deaths is evidence of this fact. Both are remembered as leaders who committed their lives to fighting for a change in a society each believed was unjust. Both men tried to instil within black people of America power and strength so that they could rise above the hatred that had surrounded them since the establishment of black slavery centuries before.

Regardless of their obvious ways in promoting their message, they both had the same role in 20th Century America, the same goal in mind; to stress the importance of black respect and pride. Malcolm X and Martin luther King both ahd important individual roles in society at that time, as they were necessary ingredients in the African-American struggle for justice.

Both leaders made important contributions to the civil rights campaign.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

King was an advocate for the South, and X for the North together they helped further the civil rights cause. In life they never joined forces, but death they are one in the common foundation of men who struggle and die for a cause bigger than themselves.

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