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Lord of the flies essay on piggy

  • We'd make smoke just the same," 29 he calmly states because "only Piggy could have the intellectual daring to suggest moving the fire from the mountain;
  • No longer can his actions be performed lightly, lest they rage out of control again;
  • When Jack's tribe stages a raid on Ralph's camp for fire, Piggy urgently redirects Ralph's thoughts to the importance of the fire and being rescued.

A Qualified Leader What is a leader? In times of crisis the ultimate survival of a group depends on the leader, or person who steps forward to take control, direct others, and maintain order. Although in today's society people are judged based on their appearance, looks have no influence on whether or not a person is capable of being a successful leader.

Instead, good leadership is based on the individual skills and traits that the person possesses. The character of Piggy in William Golding's Lord of the Flies is a perfect example of a person who may not be the best looking physically, but who despite this has the right qualities to be an excellent leader.

Piggy is by far the smartest person in the group, as well as the most patient, and the most rationale. It is these three traits that define him as the best leader for the group. Piggy is undoubtedly the most intelligent person in the group. Intelligence is a key characteristic of a good leader.

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If a leader is not smart and able to make good decisions then the group will not survive. Piggy displays his intelligence various times throughout the novel, one of which is during the chaotic time when the boys have recently seen "the beast. All of the boys, aside from Piggy, give up and figure that they will never be rescued because they can't light the fire.

That thing sits up there-we'll have to stay here," 29 Ralph said, giving up hope before he even took the time to try and solve the problem. It is only Piggy who remains focused and makes the suggestion of moving the fire by the campsite. But what's wrong with a fire down here? A fire could be built on them rocks. On the sand even. We'd make smoke just the same," 29 he calmly states because "only Piggy could have the intellectual daring to suggest moving the fire from the mountain.

After Jack leaves the tribe Ralph asks, "Piggy, what are we going to do? Piggy is the most intelligent person of the group, making him the best candidate for leader.

  1. Piggy however, unlike the others, cares about the boy's feelings and tries to help him rather than make him feel even worse. They agree that they are marooned and decide to start exploring the place in hope of finding other survivors.
  2. At first he hesitates, the pig escapes but he vows that 'next time there would be no mercy'.
  3. The boys on the island ridicule him because of his appearance, calling him "fatty" 23 and constantly referring to him as Piggy. Piggy was always organized and had a well-thought out plan.
  4. Lord of the Flies. He is described as a conceited and haughty leader of a choir.

Aside from being the smartest person in the group, Piggy is also the most patient. Piggy is the only one in the group who takes the time to listen to other people's ideas, even the littluns, who Ralph and the other older boys do not feel deserve respect.

When the small boy with the "mulberry colored birthmark," 35 wants to speak Ralph is unwilling to give him the conch. However, Piggy insists that the boy have his right to speak. Even then all of the boys, except for Piggy, laugh at him until he cries because they do not believe that there is a beast.

The Role of Piggy in the Novel "Lord of the Flies"

Piggy however, unlike the others, cares about the boy's feelings and tries to help him rather than make him feel even worse. After Jack leaves the group the assembly discusses what is to be done next.

Simon wishes to speak, but like the boy with the birthmark is too shy. He sought for help and sympathy and chose Piggy. He turned half toward him clutching the conch to his brown chest. Piggy also has genuine compassion for other people. When the fire on the mountain gets of control he is the only one to mention that some of the kids may have been hurt.

Piggy: A Qualified Leader

He is the only one to notice and truly care that the boy with the birthmark on his face has died in the fire. How'd you know they aren't still there? The littlun who had a mark on this face-where is-he now?

I tell you I don't see him," 46 Piggy says with feeling. Piggy is the most patient one in the group. He cares about other people and is willing to take the time to listen to their ideas, these of which are two qualities that are essential to a good leader. In addition to being smart and patient, Piggy is also the most rationale person in the group.

He is the voice of reason and a symbol of civilization throughout the novel, and is always careful to make decisions that will benefit the group. While the rest of the boys devolve, or return to a more primitive way of life, Piggy remains civilized. The rest were shock-headed, but Piggy's hair still lay in wisps over his head as though baldness were his natural state and this imperfect covering would soon go, like the velvet on a young stag's antlers.

Piggy remains rationale and civilized even at the end of the novel. After Jack has stolen Piggy's glasses, one of the last reminders of civilization that the boys' had on the island, he still manages to remain calm and logical.

Rather than try and fight with Jack like a savage Piggy says, "I'm going to him with the conch in my hands," 171 and he will then ask Jack to give back the glasses because "what's right is right. He cherishes the conch because it resembles law and order, two things that are very important to Piggy.

Lord Of The Flies Piggy Essay

If Piggy was the leader it is guaranteed that he will establish rules and guidelines to keep the boys in control because he knows without them the group would not survive. Piggy is a logical thinker who, unlike the other boys, has remained civilized and clear-headed rather than turning into an animal-like savage.

He is the only one of the boys who is able to make rationale decisions in the best interest of the group. The leader of the group in Lord of the Flies is responsible for the welfare of the boys.

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To ensure the well being of everyone while they are on the island the leader must be able to make good decisions, listen to every member of the group, and maintain a clear mind despite the uncivilized environment. Piggy is the only character capable of doing all of these things because he is smart, patient, and rationale.

These qualities are essential to a good leader, making Piggy the best choice for chief. Without Piggy as the leader the group will not survive on the island.