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Jane campion s the piano essay example

The Piano - Film Essay Hi could anyone please give me some advice on this essay. I'm not really sure if I have answered the question or not. To what extent do we learn about a main character more from what she does than from what she says? Discuss with close reference to a film you have studied.

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Ada is a mute and because of this we learn only of her extremely strong will by her actions and of her feelings through the use of the piano and her body language. She appears weak as she is often shown in silhouette and close ups highlight her pale face. How do these things prove your point? You need to explain their purpose in this film. However, when Ada is settled into her new lifestyle in New Zealand, our opinions begin to change. Although not able to verbalise what she wants, Ada still manages to get across what she requires through the use of sign language, interpreted by Flora and the use of note cards.

Ada does not warm to her husband Stewart, who in the beginning is very patient with her.

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When she agrees to a bargain with Baines for her piano: This is a very vague point; what exactly do you mean? The use of her note cards and sign language enable us to understand Ada, but it is her betrayal of Stewart which shows us that ironically, Ada is not afraid to manipulate others if it stops herself from being manipulated herself. The use of sign language, note cards and her actions ultimately show that she can easily be understood if she wants to be.

You now need to link these ideas to the director's purpose ie relate to a theme.

The piano by jane campion essay

It is used to show her changing emotions which can clearly be heard through the change in pace, and sometimes the song itself. When Ada returns to the beach to visit her piano that she has been longing for, the music she plays is joyful and full of life.

Her feeling of complete happiness is further reinforced through Flora dancing on the sand.

A good clear and specific example. This indicates that she is angry with Stewart for caging her in but also that she is longing for Baines, the man that she is falling in love with.

When asleep, Ada can express herself freely without being punished for it. The increasing pace also gives the scene a sense of urgency and highlights that her feelings towards Baines are becoming stronger.

The change in pace and tone of the songs that Ada plays, portrays her mood accurately without the need for words. Again relate to the director's purpose - a specific theme. When Stewart gives the piano to Baines in return for 80 acres of land, Ada is furious and tells Stewart by writing a note to him: However she goes behind his back to see him anyway.

Oppression in jane campions the piano essay

This highlights her strong will, that she will not be told what to do, and that she is indeed in love with Baines. During this ordeal, Ada remains quiet. This further reinforces her extremely strong will and the lengths she will go to in order to be with the man she loves. What production techniques are used to show us the importance of these elements?

Through the use of note cards, sign language, the piano and her actions we can accurately learn of the character who is Ada.

The Piano - Film Essay

We learn that she is of a very strong will and that even she finds it frightening. These techniques reinforce the need for observing detail, as we can learn a great deal about a person through their actions without the need for words. The Piano - Film Essay englishteacher8.