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Is macbeth a hero or villain 2 essay

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Student Answers kc4u Student Macbeth is indeed a bit too complex to be categorised as a villain or a hero. The supernatural sisterhood of the three witches strike the key-note of the play at the very outset--'Fair is foul, and foul is fair'. This paradoxical formula summarises the Macbeth-world and also the character of the protagonist: Macbeth is both fair and foul, both villainous and heroic.

King Duncan rewards his 'peerless kinsman' by conferring upon him the title of the Thane Cawdor.

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In grateful admission of Macbeth's service, Duncan visits Macbeth's castle. But this trusted general of Scotland nurtures within himself a 'vaulting ambition' to become the king. Provoked and allured by the witches, and ably supported by Lady Macbeth, Macbeth kills Duncan and usurps the throne. He suffers from the pangs of conscience, from a sense of insecurity, from fear.

Was Macbeth a Hero or Villain?

Further on, Lady Macduff and her son are eliminated by the killers sent by Macbeth. The hero's downfall is created by his imperfection and the result of free choice.

The tragic hero must also possess nobility and virtue as part of his innate character. Shakespeare creates the character of Macbeth to fit this model. While Macbeth is certainly presented to the reader as a true action hero in the beginning of the play, his noble stature goes beyond his actions on the battlefield.

Macbeth: Hero or Villain?

He is a loyal kinsman to Duncan. We see his struggle over the decision to kill the king, but by his own choices his ambition gets the better of him and leads to the murder and his own downfall. They can only introduce Macbeth to the path of his self-destruction. His imperfections are what spur him down that path.

A tragic hero can most certainly also be a villain. Once his ambition consumes him, Macbeth transforms into a spectacular villain who is capable of murdering his best friend and sacrificing his entire country to secure his future.