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Four theoretical models of child abuse essay

Four Theoretical Models of Child Abuse Essay Sample Posted on by bros2qET1 I have been asked to compose a study depicting the four theoretical theoretical accounts of kid maltreatment to include: Sociological and Feminist attacks which I will get down off by depicting each. Following I will compare and contrast the different theoretical theoretical accounts of maltreatment so reason by measuring the strengths and failings of the four.

The parents must hold a background of emotional or physical want and possibly maltreatment as good 2. A kid must be seen as unlovable or dissatisfactory 3.

Four Theoretical Models of Child Abuse Essay Sample

There must be a crisis 4. The theoretical account accordingly puts forward that kid maltreatment is a type of disease which has precise marks and symptoms.

A great trade has been talked about as to grounds that can do dislocations. The psychological theory bents upon whether therapy for households can reconstruct weak relationships and prevent kid maltreatment. Although there is certainty that the bulk of households use a whipping boy.

With tonss of psychological positions. C 2005 He noticed that if there was any sort of perturbations between the female parent and the infant early on during fond regard. For illustration hapless lodging has been linked with sick wellness and surely a shortened lifetime by sociologists. They have measured different people with their state of affairss and referred to where they were from. On the other manus. There is a sociological nexus here for illustration.

With the beginning of sexual maltreatment being discussed more openly. The theories are chiefly based on sexual political relations and see power relationships between both work forces and adult females.

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She so continued to show how the instance confronted and tested the stereotypes towards physicians. Though lending influential statements towards the causes of sex maltreatment. In the Cleveland instance 1987 121 kids were separated from their households and removed from their places. This was because societal workers who were working with physicians upheld claims that the kids showed marks of being sexually abused.

The physicians used a new technique which identified that there was an country to be concerned about. On the other manus a male dominated police force declined to accept that such a big sum of kids could hold been abused because it was such an acute offense. The media covered the instance and chiefly agreed and took sides with the constabulary so the adult females societal workers found themselves attacked by the media and politicians.

Four Theoretical Models of Child Abuse Essay Sample

This was because they failed to protect the kids and their lives from being abused so besides neglected to take them in conditions they were populating in. The theoretical account four theoretical models of child abuse essay on programmes to seek and interrupt the rhythm such as crisis guidance and aid lines for parents and therapy for kids who have been abused. Similarly it believed that therapy could be used to mend hapless relationships. The sociological theoretical account nevertheless concentrates on how the environment affects behavior.

From looking at all of the theoretical accounts I have seen that there are links between them all apart from the feminist theoretical account. This is because the three other theoretical accounts are based on households nevertheless the feminist theoretical account does non associate with them as it is focal points on being negative towards work forces.

It put frontward the thought that work forces are the chief culprits in sexual maltreatment. The failing of the psychological theoretical account is that it is an old theoretical account and non up to day of the month. This links in with the fond regard theory which is outdated. Scapegoating is a really popular term and used in the bulk of kid maltreatment instances for illustration Shannon Matthews was the whipping boy kid because she was the youngest and the most vulnerable of their household.

It links with the political genders which are still being discussed today to eliminate poorness for illustration certain start Centres have been placed in poorness stricken countries which work with households to assist them pass more clip with their kids and acquire to run into other people in the same state of affairs as them etc.

The disadvantage of the theoretical account is that it says that people who live in poorness will mistreat their kids. This is a failing because people are judged and discriminated from where they come and their backgrounds.

This is because Karen Matthews was from an estate seen to be populating in poorness whereas Kate and Jerry McCann where from a in-between societal category with good stable occupations and were seen to be more trusty in the public oculus. Since the feminist theoretical account. The psychological theoretical account looks at how disfunctions in the household can take to mistreat.

The sociological theoretical account focused on how and why people live in peculiar conditions.

Describe the main theoretical models of child abuse.(

The feminist theoretical account looks at how work forces are the chief culprits in sexual maltreatment. Three out of the four theoretical accounts are link together and are similar as they focus on households. He now regrets what he said and believes that more kids should be in attention. The concerns of kids traveling into attention are that the authorities think it is the preferable option as it improves stableness.

four theoretical models of child abuse