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Long and Short Essay on Importance of Sports in English

In fact, life itself is a game and this world is a big playground. We have to play the game of life with all our energy and courage.

The game of life is a hard nut to crack.

  • Games tend to become an end in themselves;
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  • Being involved in the sports activities help us in getting protected with numerous diseases such as arthritis, obesity, obese, heart problems, diabetes, etc;
  • On the other hand, an unhealthy man cannot enjoy life.

In order to play the game of life well, we have to learn to be good players. It is through games and sports only that we can learn how best to overcome the challenge of life. There are different kinds of games and sports.

309 words short essay on the Importance of Sports and Games

There are indoor games as cards, chess, ludo ect. Races, Jumps, Throws, Weight-lifting are some of the other kinds of the sports. Games and sports are necessary and useful for all. They are specially useful for the students who must have a balanced development of the body as well as the mind.

309 words short essay on the Importance of Sports and Games

A sound mind lives only in a sound body. Games play an important part in life. Education is incomplete without games. Games are necessary to keep the body fit and trim.

Moreover, they provide recreation. As a result, one feels smart and cheerful throughout the day. If one is cheerful and healthy, he or she is able to get the best out of life. A player really enjoys life. For him, life is a song and a beauty. On the other hand, an unhealthy man cannot enjoy life.

We feel happier in a playground than we do in a class-room. While playing in the playground we feel happier because we forget the homework and the scolding of the teachers.

Players are better friends. Games teach us the lesson of discipline, team-work, patience and punctuality.

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In the playground, the players obey the captain and abide by the rules of the games. As Grantland Rice has apply re marked: If a person is physically fit, he is also mentally fit and healthy.

There is always a sound mind in a sound body. A healthy man is always hopeful and cheerful.

  • Exercises, walking, jogging and yoga are the parts of every games and sports and these help to build up the body of the people;
  • So, we can say that, sports can be played for personal benefits as well as professional benefits;
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  • Matches played at the national or international level are relayed over the radio network;
  • It makes us more disciplined, patient, punctual, and courteous in life.

On the other hand, an unhealthy person leads a painful and miserable life. Life become a burden to him. Games and sports also produce a sense of equality, co-operation and fraternity.

They provide enough of amusement to remove the rust caused by our dull routine. They add colour to an otherwise dull and boring life.

Importance of Sports – Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph

All those qualities which we get from the playground help us to face the struggle of life. Today, games and sports have assumed a great importance. Sportsmen and players have started choosing sports and game as their career. It is a compulsory subject in schools in most of the states in the country. State Governments are giving special grants to their best sportsmen and players.

Newspapers and periodicals carry special section for sports news from all corners of the world. Matches played at the national or international level are relayed over the radio network.

The staging of the ninth Asian games in 1982 and the World Cricket Cup in 1994 in India greatly enhanced the status and prestige of the lovers of sports all over the country. Sportsmen are certainly the backbone of any nation. They certainly deserve a place of pride and honour in any country.

Essay On Sports And Games