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Essay what would you do with a million dollars

How To Spend A Million Dollars Essay

I would probably do the following: I'd also pay off my parents' house and possibly my sister's loans. I'd also go on a relatively small shopping spree; replace my broken laptop and buy a few other things I've had my eye on some new clothes, a Wii, some nice Christmas presents for my friends.

I'm not sure if I'd quit my job or not; I just got hired as a cashier and I'd feel bad leaving just before the super-busy holiday season. I'm not too sure what I would do with the rest.

What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

Probably put it in an account with a good interest rate and hope I got enough from it to live on, so I wouldn't have to worry too much about money. As much as I'm looking forward to it, my future career probably isn't going to make me rich. Bart 38 First of all, I wouldn't tell anybody that I received the million bucks. The following two things are very important.

I would take my wife out to a good dinner and then put the rest into a trust that could only be accessed by my grand-children for home buying and college, and forget about it. I know what it's like to not value what you've been given, and I am not mature enough for such a gift to not effect me.

What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

I couldn't take it and use it without damaging my development. The thing is that I want to work,struggle, and learn on my own. I want to make a million dollars with my own steam and I don't want anyone to take away that opportunity from me.

If I Had a Million Dollars Essay

Bloggrrl 39 would be to quit my job, go to Leon, Mexico and start an orphanage. I guess I'd better start buying those lotto tickets.

If You Had A Million Dollars, What Would You Do With It? (Orginally Written As A Speech)

Jessica 42 I'd figure out exactly how much I was dealing with, after taxes and get some advice on what to do with it. I would invest much of it, and at somepoint maybe now or later after said investments would pay off pay off some student loans because even with a million dollars, paying off loans with 2.

I'd consider paying down my mortgage, and maybe helping out my brothers with some of their needs not wants necessarily. I'd like to buy a second home in the "city" vs.

  1. Is the amount of money spent on space research justifiable? However, I do not agree that the play has any "fundamentally problematic and distasteful Other Popular Essays.
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  3. If you had four extra hours per day, what would yo 322 words - 2 pages u do with them?
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Maybe start a business too. I guess the real question is when I'd get this million dollars. Brent 43 I would definately start an online kid-friendly roll playing game like Runescape. Those sites make millions of dollars profit every month! I'd use the profit to do good things for children all over the world.

If I Have One Million Dollars Essay

But seriously, quit my job, live modestly. Then I would put most of it away to make compound interest work for me. And then - travel around the world. Not a quick vacation but a few months here, a few months there.

  1. If I have one million dollars, I will buy a seaside house living with my husband, children, and parents together.
  2. But what should modern Australians do to keep this Nation as good as it can be for us and our children? With my share of the money.
  3. I want to make a million dollars with my own steam and I don't want anyone to take away that opportunity from me. Spending a million dollar - an introduction for my essay?
  4. They are asking you to pick your major in college, decide where you want to go to school, decide what you want to do with your life...

We often speak of if we won the lottery, we'd jet off to Italy and live in a small cottage in a beautiful small town. We'd live frugally, but we would be so happy not because of what we could buy with our fortune but with the freedom that a large sum would grant us.