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Essay on my trip to hill station

A visit to a hill station Essay No. He is a forest officer there. I planned to go there in summer as the plains at that time are very hot. I boarded the Kalka Mail at Amritsar on the 15th of June. Our train reached Kalka at 5: Then I changed for Shimla.

Our journey to Shimla was through hilly area. The train took a zig-zag track. The air was cool, fresh and pleasant. I felt that it was quite different from the scorching heat of Amritsar. The scenery on the either side of railway track was very charming. The train passed through several tunnels. I reached Shimla at about 2 p.

Benefits Of Visit To Hill Station

My elder brother and my sister in law were at the Shimla station to receive me. I saw various places. I saw roller skating in the skating hall. It was a new thing for me. I also saw the skating ring at the Annandale grounds. I visited the Ridge and the Mall every evening. At Tara Devi I saw monkeys of various sizes and shapes. It was quite amusing to watch them.

I also visited places like thereof and chili I went out for long walk every morning and evening. I inhaled the healthful mountain air. Going up and coming downhill gave me a good exercise. This exercise increased my hanger. I did full justice to my food during my stay at Shimla. I went out for long walk every morning and evening. This exercise increased my hunger. Dalhousie would be a little princess.

She is small and charmingpretty and full of promise. It is at the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Every year thousands of people go to hill station in summer months to save themselves from the burning heat of the sun. He invited me to spend summer vacations with him. I asked my mother. My case was recommended by my mother so it was successful. My father allowed me to go to Dalhousie. I packed my clothes. I also took a rain proof coat and a folding umbrella.

I got my reservation. I got my berth and reached Dalhousie. My friend was waiting for me. It was the result of my telegram. His mother and younger sister welcomed me. I met with his father in the evening. He was a gently and co-operative person. He encouraged me to enjoy the city. The town Dalhousie has some charming colonial architecture.

There are four beautiful stone churches with fine glass work. Close to the town is the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary. There is an obelisk built in the memory of freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh at a distance of three kilometers.

There are Tibetan Handicrafts where we can see attractive carpets and woolen shawls. Khajjiar is twenty six kilometers from Dalhousie. There essay on my trip to hill station an old temple dedicated to Khajji Nag with a legend. There was a fearful struggle between a sage and Kala Nag. At the end of his defeat, the sage left this place got its name.

There is a beautiful carved stone image of Nag Devta within the temple. In addition to this there are five wooden life size images of the five Pandava brothers.

We also went to river Ravi. Chamba is also a charming place to see. This city stands on the right bank and is one of the oldest in the country. It dates back to the sixth century. Chamba is famous for its temples. The most important splendid temple is the Laxmi Narain complex.

  • I boarded the Kalka Mail at Amritsar on the 15th of June;
  • My parents decided to go to Niligiris;
  • I went out for long walk every morning and evening;
  • Kite-flying is an important pastime in Kelantan, apart from top-spinning;
  • The descent was uneven, but not without its joys;
  • We sat in the cable car.

I came back after twenty days. Returning journey was not less thrilling and charming. I was be witched by the chanting streams. In short his visit to Dalhousie was both educative and fruitful. Its memory is still fresh in my mind. It is a thing to enjoy through recollection. It is very hot then.

It was thrilling — the very thought of going to the hills. Preparations were made in full swing. We packed our luggage and got ready for the journey. We went to Dehradun by train.

  • On the appointed day;
  • Every year thousands of people go to hill station in summer months to save themselves from the burning heat of the sun;
  • As a result, Darjeeling tea is internationally recognized for its distinctive flavor and aroma and ranks high among the best known black teas worldwide.

Mussoorie is one of the hill stations in India. It is called the queen of hill stations. It has many beautiful sports. Next day, after breakfast, we went to see the town.

We visited Library and Landour markets. They were all crowded with tourists from different parts of the country. After lunch we went for a walk along the Mall and the Camel Back Road. We enjoyed the scenery around us very much. We saw the Kempty fall and had a view of the snow capped mountain. It is a beautiful summer resort. The mountain slopes are covered with tall, green trees which present a charming sight at sunset and looks very grand.

The morning and evening hours are also very pleasant. A cool breeze sets up and refreshes the mind. It makes one forget the oppressive heat of the plains. I felt happy being so close to the Mother Nature.

We stayed there for a fortnight. I returned to Delhi reluctantly. The memory of my visit to Mussoorie is still fresh in my mind. If one does have a chance, he will find it a different kind of holiday experience, a holiday spent among the beauties of nature. First, there are the hundreds of miles of unspoilt sandy beaches, white and clean with the open blue sea greeting the visitors.

Then, there is the lush, tropical greenery, the tall coconut palms swaying gracefully in the breeze and charming rural villages w, here life is unhurried, leisurely and peaceful.

Kelantanese cottage industries are of great variety. Kite-flying is an important pastime in Kelantan, apart from top-spinning. Lastly, the beautiful beach of Pantai Cinta Berahi is worth a visit, for you will see the beach fringed with groves of casuarina trees. A trip to Pasir Putih, a scenic spot that abounds with waterfalls and fresh water springs is an unforgettable experience.