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Essay on my big fat greek wedding

Are you willing to bequeath to another, and fain adapt to their cultures and interests? These are two very clashing cultures, which end up accepting each other and live together just fine. If we were to analyse the scene of visitation by the Miller family, we could be apprised of their reactions to the visitation carrying the connotation of an unexpected and undesired occurrence.

It is very normal in the western culture to bring a gift to the dinner party. When marrying someone of a different background and a different culture you have to modify your behaviour and sacrifice your needs for his and so has he for you. It takes a lot of modification to marry someone from a different country. Where are you going to live? And where are you going to meet with your opinions?

The modifications do not just affect you and your partner, they affect the whole family as well. But is it better to marry someone of the same cultural background?

Some say so and others do not.

Big fat greek wedding essay

Your languages, foods and religion etc. Although some have to change their religion to marry someone, and sometimes this might be an issue with families and friends.

This all depends on the individual. For some people it would seem rather difficult, and for some, easy. But this is not what she wants, she wants to get an education and, essentially, not marry someone Greek. So when she meets Ian, it is difficult for her family to accept them being together. After Ian chose to become a catholic and get baptised, Toulas family sees how much Ian loves their daughter and gives him permission to marry her.

Going out to see and experience the worldis a good thing to do. Cultural differences can, indeed, cause problems. If we take the Faroe Islands for instance.

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Imagine if no one moved off the country. What would it be like? There would definitely be inbreeding, and no one would know about the world outside these small islands. Cousin marrying cousin, someone would probably end up marrying their own sister or brother. And lets not forget those who have the need to travel and experience different things.

The Faroe Islands are way to small for that, so going overseas is not only good for you but also society. You will get a better educated people this way and different opinions as well. So we have to be grateful that we have Faroese people all over the world.

How My Big Fat Greek Wedding Essay

However, it all depends on, how you would cope the ambiguous situations. We can become so involved with our heritage and culture, that we can unknowingly twist certain principles and guidelines to fit our ideals and cultural practices. A relationship with someone from a different culture depends on your personality, because not everyone is able to sacrifice their own culture normsfor essay on my big fat greek wedding partner with a different culture.

It is an inspiration to see a couple with different culture manage to live together with respect and harmony. Another big difference is the believes that the families have. Is it better for people to marry someone of the same cultural background? There are people who think that it is an advantage to marry people of the same cultural background, because then you are free from all the differences in culture, which could split the families apart.

They will eventually find a way to live together regardless of their cultural background and then it is up to their families to sort things out between themselves. Do you agree with this claim?: It is better for people to stay in their native countries rather than to move. Although, many in our country, have quite a strong opinion about the bad schooling opportunities in our country, which makes them go to other countries to study where the opportunities are almost endless, when it comes to education.

The Faroese are very reluctant to let foreigners into their own country.

Movie Reflection My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Some of the arguments they use to justify their opinion are that the Faroe Islands are such a small country. The infrastructure cannot handle the increase in traffic, which will follow if there suddenly comes a huge wave of immigrants.

It will try to answer the pros and cons of marrying someone of the same culture, and also discuss immigration challenges. The most apparent quality of the Greek family in the movie, is that they are very family centred with strong family values and a strong heritage to the Greek culture.

For instance most of their belongings are Greek; the Greek statues outside the house and a huge Greek flag painted on their garage door. The food they eat and the Ouzo they drink is also Greek. This expresses a great pride towards their nationality. Their everyday life includes family members most of the time; throughout the whole movie the family is gathered, for example when they are having family get-togethers for dinner and spending the holidays.

The Greek family is pictured colourfully; they are very vocal and use their bodies to express themselves. They kiss on the cheeks when greeting each other for example. On the other hand, there is the family of the American, the main character Toula falls in love with, who in the movie appear more quiet, modest and introvert. The differences are quite clear between the Greeks and the Americans in that sense. The Greek family members have very different family roles, than the normal American family.

For instance, the father is the head of the family and the business, acting as the provider. The main character was expected essay on my big fat greek wedding find and marry a fellow Greek, which is very important to her father. So when the family, through gossip, finds out that she has been seeing an American, the father freaks out and tries to introduce her to different Greek men, hoping she would change her mind.

There are also Greek traditions displayed in the movie, like the spitting on a person for good fortune, which seems very unorthodox for an American. What are the pros and what are the cons? It is more practical to marry someone from the same country or someone of the same cultural background, in the sense that you would generally share the same traditions, religion, behaviour, eating habits, morals, ethics etc. You would better understand the persons decisions, language, interests, but the relationship would perhaps not be as colourful and vibrant as a multicultural relationship.

The consequences for marrying someone from a different culture can often be communication misunderstandings. Undertones, humour and sarcasm can vary from country to country. A cross-cultural relationship is possible though, but it might be more difficult than a traditional one. An open mind is required from both parties. Globally, the most important things to do, if deciding to integrate yourself into another culture, is trying to learn the language and the laws and try and understand the social norms and respect the culture, however different they may be.

All in all, it is very much possible to live together in a country with different cultural backgrounds. Respect, understanding and essay on my big fat greek wedding are crucial for a successful multicultural relationship, but it requires an effort from both parties. The most apparent quality of the Greek family in the movie is that they are very family centred with strong family values and a strong heritage to the Greek culture. For example in Italy and Greece. In Greece the girls usually get married at a very young age, and the boys often get to decide for themselves what they do.

And in Italy the men often live at their parents home until they are about thirty years old. Toula is Greek and Ian is American. Even if they have moved from Greece to the states, they still keep a firm traditional Greek living. They have a big family. With a large company, which is a Greek themed restaurant, where almost every member of the family works, with good profits. Ian Miller has a traditional probably also conservative American family with two parents who both are lawyers.

He is an only-child with only a few other family members. There are many cultural differences between the two families. A very good example is when the two families meet each other. Not really what they expected. And it is probably a lot more exiting to get married to someone with another culture.