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Essay on if i became a millionaire

492 words essay on If I Were a Millionaire

If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. But sometimes dream come true. I am poor in life and my wishes are hopelessly small. I live in a state of uncertainty and I never know whether I shall be able to afford my next meal.

Short Paragraph on “If I were a Millionaire”

Fancy is my luxury. I wish I were a millionaire! As a poor man, I have often experienced that Rich men are generally selfish to the extent of being cruel. Their outlook on life is not human but materialistic.

If I Were a Millionaire Essay for School Students

They forget that to be rich is not to be in human. I long to lead some days in comfort. Money will end the state of uncertainty in which I live. Riches are a panacea. Poverty loses friends and makes one disrespectable and unacceptable in society.

  1. I could give her the life she always dreamed of.
  2. The rooms will be air-conditioned.
  3. That is the only way of my becoming a millionaire overnight.
  4. If I were so rich, I would have plenty of money to take care of my own needs.

Wealth attracts and makes one honorable. If I were a millionaire, I would be in the company of rich friends and would be honorable. But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire. I know I get education under very difficult circumstances.

  • But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire;
  • Then I start planning my entire future.

So I shall open schools and colleges for the education of all. My great aim in life is to establish a univesierty in the model of ancient Indian universities.

  • They cannot afford to buy even text-books, let alone help and reference books;
  • It goes without saying that I will spend each rupee carefully;
  • The majority of our people are living below the poverty line;
  • Although I never had too big dreams, but still I think I could use the money for the people whom I love most;
  • They acquire bad habits like gambling, drinking, womanising, etc;
  • But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire.

I want to go back to our old culture which was once the pride of the world. A wealthy man can do much good to this world. Wealth often spoils man.

Short Paragraph on “If I were a Millionaire”

Money along with comforts and care brings evil also. Rich men are generally victims to one evil or the other. I have natural dislike for the base and the disreputable. I was born human and shall live a pious and noble life. This duty openly man owns to god. I shall fulfill this duty.

  1. Though the government is doing a lot in this field.
  2. I shall tour the entire country and have first-hand experience of the land, the people and the places.
  3. I, too, indulge in day dreaming.

I shall set a noble example before others and shall be a brilliant light for misguided millionaires. I would very much wish to encourage social service in the country. I shall make a trust which will look after the welfare of orphans. It is a pity that in our country wealthy persons do not possess charitable qualities.

  • If I were a millionaire, my mother would have been the first person to get my love and affection;
  • Riches are a panacea;
  • This pleasure is far more satisfying than those which we buy with money;
  • I will open homes for shelter less;
  • I would like to enjoy the fruits of money but I would always remain sensitive and sympathetic to the agony of those who are less fortunate.

I shall lead a noble life and cut down my own expenses so that I may help others to live better. I am a noble-hearted and simple person. That is what I could remain even if I become a millionaire.