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Essay on conservation of plants and animals

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Why should we conserve plants and animals? Essay

Explain how these efforts have developed and the results of the efforts. Many animal species have either become extinct or are on the verge extinction.

Essay on Wildlife Conservation (671 Words)

This is because of continuous and constant exploitation by man. A species is considered extinct when there is no reasonable doubt that its last individual has died, e. Species which are in danger of extinction and whose survival is unlikely if the causal factors continue to operate. Such a species contains sufficient number of individuals in its habitat but in the near future, may becme an endangered species if unfavourable conditions persist.

  • The zoos are open to public;
  • The destruction and degradation of forests in upper reigns like Himalayas causes such other ruins as erosion of top soil erratic rainfall, and recurring floods.

Species that are not presently endangered or vulnerable but are at risk e. These are species about which there is not enough information. It is published by IUCN, to provide information about threatened species of plants and animals.

Botanical survey of India publishes this book.

  • They have become fertile hunting grounds for illegal hunting and killing of animals;
  • Their proper protection and conservation also means a continuous and adequate supply of food, fodder, medicines, timber etc;
  • Some steps in the direction of wildlife conservation could be as follows;
  • They should be allowed to share the benefits of these schemes in a judicious manner;
  • There is much pressure on our natural resources including forests;
  • It is a country of varied wildlife, where more than 500 types of wild animals, 2,100 types of birds and about 20,000 types of reptiles and fishes have been found.

This book provides information about plant species which are rare, endangered or endemic, but all of which are grown in botanical gardens. This is conservation of living resources within the natural ecosystem in which they occur. This is acheived by protection of natural habitat and maintenance of endangered species in certain protected areas such as national parks, wild life or bird sanctuaries and biosphere reserves.

In India, there are about 73 national parks, 416 sanctuaries and 12 biosphere reserves. This comprises area which is dedicated for conservation of the environment, natural objects and the wildlife therein. Forestry operations are prohibited and it is open to visitors who are not allowed to disturb or harm the protected plants or animals.

They are meant to protect and conserve particular species of wildlife. They are not bound by state legislation. Killing, hunting or capturing of any animal species is prohibited.

Forestry and other activities such as grazing of domestic animals are permitted as long as these activites do not adversely affect the wild life. Kaziranga sanctuary Assam is for the protection of rhinoceros, elephants, bison, tigers etc. Chilka lake is a bird sanctuary Orissa.

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Bandipur sanctuary Karnataka is famous for elephants, deers etc. Gir forests Gujarat is famous for Asiatic lions Ex-situ Conservation. It is the conservation of wild life outside their habitat.

This is achieved by perpetuation of sample population in genetic resource centres, zoos, botanical gardens, culture collection tissue culture or germ-plasma banks. Zoos or zoological gardens are places where wild animals are kept. The zoos are open to public. The specimens normally found in zoos are rare, exotic, local, and popular ones. Some specimens are also bred in captivity in zoos. Botanical Gardens In botanical gardens rare, endemic and threatened species of plants are conserved.

Plants occurring in different ecological conditions are grown in the botanical gardens. Botanical garden of Ooty and botanical garden of Kolkata are some examples. BUT instead of it we exploit, kill, hunt, pollute etc.