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Egypt and mesopotamia a look at two civilizations essay

Hire Writer The Mesopotamia civilization built canals and dikes for flood control.

  1. Egypt offers inspiration, stimulation, valuable knowledge and an insight into our own modern culture.
  2. The first great pyramid was built around 2600 B.
  3. While their mud-brick houses have dissolved and their stone temples have decayed, their desert tombs have survived relatively intact, the dry conditions encouraging the preservation of such delicate materials as plaster, wood, papyrus, cloth, leather and skin. The Egyptians were polytheistic.

Another similarity between the Egypt and the Mesopotamia civilizations was their Religion. Both the Egypt and Mesopotamia were polytheistic. The leaders in two civilizations believed to be related to the gods because of the wealth and power they had within the civilizations.

The two civilizations also built temples to praise their god. The Mesopotamia civilization built a temple called Ziggurats to praise their god, while the Egypt civilization built temples called pyramids to praise their god.

They made the ziggurats out of dry mud bricks while the pyramids were made out of limestone. The Egypt civilization believed that the pyramids they built protected the afterlife.

  1. Early in each dynastic period leading pharaohs conquered new territories, sometimes pressing up the Nile River into present-day Sudan, once even moving up the Mediterranean coast of the Middle East.
  2. The original pyramids serve as a testament to the mathematical skill of the Egyptians, a skill that stimulated Greek mathematicians, including Pythagoras, to perfect their work. The Egyptians were polytheistic.
  3. The most famous temples are those of Karnak and Luxor, both in Thebes, and that of Abu Simbel, in the south of the country.
  4. The Iberians had a polytheistic religion and their main deities were women. This economic acceleration provided the basis for the formation of regional kingdoms.

One way in which they are different was that both their trade partners were different. The Egypt civilization traded with mostly the Mesopotamia civilization and Africa, while Mesopotamia had a wide range of trading partners. Another difference the two civilizations had was their technology. The Mesopotamia civilization developed around 8,000 B.

Ancient Egypt and the Modern World

The Mesopotamia civilization invented many things, including; the wheel, irrigation, and the first written language, and many more things. The first written language was called Cuneiform, the writing was wedged like figures on a clay tablet. In the Egypt civilization they used their slaves to build pyramids.

The slaves were not the only ones helping building the pyramids, everyone except the leaders built the pyramids. If you lived in the Egypt civilization and if you had a specialized job, you would still have to help build the pyramids, it is basically like taxes. In the Mesopotamia civilization, the king would make slaves work in his fields.

Mesopotamia and Egypt Civilization Comparison Essay

As stated above, there are many similarities between the Egypt and Mesopotamia civilizations. The similarities and differences included; religion, Farming, locations aspects, technology, trading partners, and also slavery.

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