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Effective employee selection and its importance essay

Management of any large corporation will tell you that finding good, loyal talent is hard.

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Take the time to develop a recruiting process that is constantly looking for people with the skills you need and the motivation to work for you. A good process not only finds great employees but saves you time and money on replacing and training new people.

Importance of Effective Recruitment & Selection

Finding Quality Candidates Having good quality employees is the number one goal for any employer. Establishing a job description and advertising in places where you know you will be able to attract people with the right set of skills is the first step.

  • Things such as language proficiency or physical capabilities should not be listed unless they are absolutely essential for the role;
  • Duplication of efforts is minimised because of centralised selection, which will result in lower hiring costs;
  • The final factor is in tackling opportunities;
  • Finding Quality Candidates Having good quality employees is the number one goal for any employer;
  • Since rejection rate is high at preliminary interview, the interviewer should be kind, courteous, receptive and informal.

It's important to identify what tasks you need the recruit to complete and whether or not you are capable of training them. For example, a plumber hiring a bookkeeper isn't going to want to train a bookkeeper on how to do his job.

  1. At each stage facts may come to light which may lead to the rejection of an applicant.
  2. If a recruiter is not careful when analyzing resumes and conducting interviews, she may hire an employee with a weak work ethic or a tendency to move quickly from one job to the next -- "job hopping. The total score of each applicant is then obtained by adding the weights of the individual item responses.
  3. Use the same questions for every candidate and try to have more than one recruiter present during the interview.

Research how competitors pay for the same job and what benefits are offered. Many good employees will actually choose to work for an employer paying a little less if there are benefits such as health or retirement plans. Get a feel for the market, establish a budget and seek a candidate that meets the skill requirements for the job and pay them accordingly.

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Save Training Time and Money with Proper Selection Go through a systematic set of questions and even skills tests to determine if candidates are able to fulfill the job needs. This helps establish confidence in knowing that you have logically gone through a recruiting process and choose people based on defined metrics rather than gut feelings. When you do this, you increase your chances of having someone succeed in the job.

  • The success of an organisation depends on the quality of personnel selected for the jobs;
  • The results of medical fitness test are recorded in a statement and preserved in the personnel records;
  • The applicant is also asked to give some references from where an enquiry may be made about his nature and work;
  • Moreover, to be effective, tests must be properly designed and administered;
  • In addition, opportunities can be anywhere in the workplace, so they need to keep thinking intelligently and creatively Simmons 2008-2010;
  • Furthermore, Simmons 2008-2010 explains that they need to give the boss one hundred percent support all the time.

If you don't need to constantly replace people, you will save time and money on the recruiting and training of new candidates. Understand that downtime could negatively affect your business revenues if you become short-staffed; keeping turnover low is important.

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There are costs and time spent putting out job ads, interviews and training new people. Taking the time to choose properly the first time helps mitigate this. Reduce Potential Legal Ramifications When you have a systematic process in place that you follow for every candidate, you reduce the chances of finding yourself in employment-related legal issues. Employers can get sued for bias if a candidate feels there was some level of discrimination that resulted in not getting the job.

Keeping interview questions professional and not asking personal questions is important to prevent any misconceptions. Giving the same skills tests to all candidates means that no one was given preferential treatment. Employers are not allowed to discriminate based on age, gender, religion or disabilities.