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Compare and contrast essay about female friends to male friends

Differences between Male and Female Friendships February 16, 2015 by Shaily Shah In my previous blog, I talked about a research study I found on how men and women are fundamentally wired differently and this causes them to think differently and behave differently.

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Since, men and women are wired differently, this explains the differences between male and female friendships. Woman-woman frienships are definitely more intimate than man-man friendships. Female friendships share their emotions and secrets to one another and talk about their personal life more than male friendships.

Women prefer one-on-one communication and tend to include two close friends.

Male vs Female Friends Essay

Also, females view their friendship as personal and intense unlike like males. In other words, men see their friendship as physically doing things together and men just view their friends as a team. Men tend to insult each other, tell jokes, and mess around a lot more and they are just physically and verbally more aggressive than women. Male friendships tend to include a group of friends; three or more friends not simply two.

In general, female friendships are assumed to be closer because they share their deepest feelings to one another and communicate one-on-one. However, male friendships are assumed to be more stable because they view their group of friends as a team and physically engage in activites together. These descriptions on same-gender friendships may not be exactly like your friendships with the same gender as you but these differences are definitely evident in most male and female friendships.

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Back to the topic! Since I talked about cross-sex friendships in my previous blogs, lets compare the two types of friendships. Lets ask you guys, which type of friendship is valued more in your perspective.

In many researches, it is said that women tend to value their same-sex friendships as a closer and more satisfying friendship whereas men did not. Men find it easier to share their feelings to their cross-sex friendships.

I believe this study is somewhat true because in most guy friendships I have seen guys who share their feelings or get emotional are made fun of by their friends. Therefore, most of the research shown in this blog is shown in our daily lives but we just do not notice as often. It is interesting to know how the different types friendships can mean something completely different to different genders and how there are so many differences between men and women, which is shown through just their different types of friendships.