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Communism is better than capitalism college essay

I thank my opponent for his arguments The five arguments that I will be presenting and defending are: Capitalism is better for people as a whole not a rebuttal 2. Rise to the top 3. Consumer is king in a capitalist society 4. Incentive and Reward 5.

Majority of the world use capitalism Capitalism is better for people as a whole Capitalism promotes healthy growth of society and safety from oppressions we are not talking about racism as that happened in both societies. Lets compare some of the most "successful" communist and the most successful capitalist regimes.

These guys were great leaders. However, what kind of ramifications did their regime have for their own people? This is definitely not good for your own people. For comparisons sake, I will take the two of the most successful current capitalist countries 4.

The United States and England. How many genocides and oppressions of people have occurred in the 200 years of existence?

Does it have a functioning and stable economy and society? Has England has any massive genocides and oppressions? In modern years, no. Is it a functioning and stable economy and society? From this we can obviously see that capitalist is better for people as a whole. There are no wide scale genocides or oppressions from its leaders. Capitalism is clearly the prime choice for the welfare of its citizens. Rise to the top I am not compelled to write this argument against so I will copy it from a previous debate 5: The most obvious beneficial impact of capitalism is that everybody gets equal opportunities.

Everybody, starts out in one spot and whoever is the smartest and most cunning rises to the top. Capitalism rewards the smart. The dumb people stay at the bottom.

Have you ever heard of a genius homeless person?

Communism is Better than Capitalism

No, because if they were a genius they wouldn't be homeless. It's a sink-or-swim system. Capitalism allows for loans, one of the most important principles of rising to the top. How would you get past Harvard with no money? You take out a loan. Other systems don't allow for loans, so you can't rise up.

Once you rise to the top, you obviously have more opportunities. But the important thing is that everybody gets a chance to rise to the top. Lets compare this to a communist society. Nobody has equal opportunities. This is because there are no opportunities. Regardless of if you are smart or dumb, you will still be farming the field for the rest of your life.

Communism is a class-less society.

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Classes help the economy. The rich serve as an incentive for the poor to become rich. Loans do not exist. If a person is born poor, they will stay poor. There is virtually no moving up classes. Nobody opens their own business. Everybody goes to the same university. People have no choices in life.

Their life is chosen before they are born. Consumer is king communism is better than capitalism college essay a capitalist society Again, I am copying from one of my previous debates 5: One of the most important arguments about capitalism versus communism is that in a capitalist society, the consumer is king. The consumer has all the power. The consumer regulates supply, demand, and price.

For example, lets say that many consumers want to eat at a random fast food restaurant. As a result, the demand for the restaurant has increased, the supply has increased, and the price has increased. This is what I mean when I say that the consumer controls the whole business world.

By buying this product and not that product, the consumer regulates which products are to stay and which have to go. Since there are many different types of consumer, there are many different brands and stores.

Let's compare this to a communist society.

Communism is better, in general, than Capitalism

Nobody has more than the other person. The government has to measure and record how much each person has so they don't get too much. In this society, the consumer is not king. He doesn't get to decide whether he wants an Armani or Tommy Hilfiger jacket. The government does that for him. Nearly all of the clothes that a people wear will be the same. Same brand, same color, same everything. How does this help a society?

Capitalism/ Capitalism Vs. Communism term paper 8805

These kinds of choices promote individualism, freedom, and choice. All of these things are key in keeping a healthy society. If people at least believe that they have a choice, then they will be happy. Oppression from communist rule will not promote these aspects. As a result, the people will be displeased.

Capitalism Vs Communism Essay

Also, these choices allow the consumer to regulate bad businesses. Nobody wants a bad company selling them bad products. In a capitalist society, they can control it by shutting it down not buying the products. It a communist society, if the company is owned by the government, the people have no choice of whether to buy from it or not. Incentive Finally, a argument that I am not copying from a previous debate.

Incentives are key in a society. Incentives are what keep people motivated and willing to work. In a capitalist society, there is always an incentive.

The rich serve as an incentive for the poor. The poor know that they have a chance that they will eventually be the rich people. Without this motivation, people will be lazy and non productive. This is exactly what a communist system promotes. They have no incentive. You will not move up the classes. You will not earn more money than your neighbor.

After all of this, what is the point of trying? Communism lacks an incentive which generates and powers society. Majority of the world use capitalism Lets compare how much of the world uses capitalism and how much uses communism.

Capitalism vs communism essay

Every single country uses capitalism except North Korea yes, China uses capitalism 6. The world population right now is 6. If the whole world uses capitalism and nobody uses communism, then capitalism is obviously supreme. Conclusion Capitalism is more beneficial for the society. It gives equal chance for everybody to rise to the top.

It promotes choice, freedom, and individuality. In a capitalist society, the consumer is king. Capitalism provides an incentive for people to work.