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5 paragraph essay on the great depression

Essay About Great Depression

Internet-capable technology devices iPads, computers, Chromebooks, etc. Prior to the lesson, the teacher should be sure that students understand the parts of a five paragraph expository essay and the process of gathering the required information.

They will use the information found in their research to prepare and write a five paragraph expository essay.

  1. The stock market had boomed to record levels. The stock market crash of October 1929, was certainly a factor which precipitated events.
  2. Stock Market Crash of October 1929 During September and October, a few firms posted disappointing results causing share prices to fall. Conclusion This needs to be brief and precise.
  3. They must include the following in their rough draft. Students will meet with the teacher to discuss the suggestions given by their peers.
  4. Therefore, the unemployed dramatically reduced their spending. The US tried to help the UK stay in the gold standard.

The Great Depression had a significant impact on the lives of Alabamians. The events leading up to the Great Depression included the "Roaring 20s", the overproduction of supplies, and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

5 paragraph essay on the great depression

These events, which also included mass unemployment and poverty, had a major impact on the social, political, and economic lives of Alabamians. Before the Lesson - 60 minutes Students will watch a video to review the steps for writing a five paragraph essay.

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Each student should conference with the teacher when they finish their graphic organizer. The teacher will check to make sure the student is on the right track with their thinking.

The teacher will give suggestions for improvement. Each student will need to keep their graphic organizer until the end of the lesson.

During the Lesson - 60 minutes Students will use the information from their graphic organizer to write the rough draft of their expository essay. They must include the following in their rough draft: Topic and thesis statement in the introduction paragraph A paragraph for each of the supporting details Conclusion paragraph that includes the thesis statement Students will divide into their collaborative groups assigned by the teacher.

Students will use the expository essay rubric to help guide them in making any necessary corrections with suggestions included.

  • The great depression essay - many adolescents, in the great depression, received the full affects and suffered some were great depression] 1813 words 52 pages;
  • Output fell, unemployment rose causing a negative multiplier effect;
  • Spending fell and the decline in confidence precipitated a desire for savers to withdraw money from their banks.

Once all revisions are complete, students will return the rough draft back to the original owner. Students will meet with the teacher to discuss the suggestions given by their peers. Teacher will ensure that the student knows what corrections or additions need to be made.

Depression Essay

After the Lesson - 60 minutes: Students will rewrite their essay, including any necessary corrections or additions, based on their peer edits, teacher conference, and expository essay rubric. Once all students have completed their essay, the teacher will arrange for each student to have the opportunity to share their expository essay with the class.