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Thesis on teaching english as a foreign language

D, Liliana Edilyan, M. Abstract The purpose of this study is twofold. Questionnaire, Interview and Lesson Observations. The primary purpose of the study was not only to report and inform about all these, but also to investigate and find beneficial outcomes of thesis on teaching english as a foreign language practices and attitudes.

Two groups participated in the experiment: The study comprises the quantitative data. The data were collected through a self assessment checklist and pre-and post interviews Oral Proficiency Type Interview.

The data collected from the pre- and post-tests were analyzed by implementing the Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests, in order to compare the test results of both groups.

Armineh Ab Thesis Committee: Abstract This study investigates the effect of blogging on idiom production in an academic EFL setting. Blog as a motivating and user-friendly writing tool, which provides various options such as uploading pictures and commenting, was considered as a suitable tool for writing assignments aimed at enhancing idiom production.

Due to its interactive nature, blogging was assumed to be a proper means for this purpose. These students were enrolled conditionally provided they take the EEP course and raise their language proficiency level during the course. Convenient sampling approach was used i. Quantitative data were obtained through pre and post tests. The qualitative data were obtained through a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview which were analyzed descriptively.

Results obtained from the data analysis indicated that blogging had positive effect on the production of idioms. Hripsime Shabunts Thesis Committee: This study is quasi-experimental and it involved one control group and one experimental group 17 students in experimental group and 16 students in control group. The classes were held twice a week and the study was conducted over a period of ten weeks overall 20 hours per group. Data was collected with the help of a pre and a posttest, a questionnaire, and an interview.

Both the pre and the post test were administered in the two groups. These tests were applied for analyzing the data obtained from four sets of tests. As the interview data was qualitative, the interview was analyzed subjectively by the researcher, whereas, the questionnaire data was analyzed with the help of statistical software. The results of the data analysis showed that there are statistically significant differences in the usefulness of authentic materials as compared to instructional materials in terms of vocabulary acquisition in favor of authentic materials.

The interview and the questionnaire revealed that the participants showed great interest towards authentic materials. Marina Avagyan Thesis Committee: Abstract As English language instruction at the elementary level in Armenia becomes more widespread and approaches official sanctioning from the Ministry of Education, it is important to know how parents view options for the foreign-language education of their children in kindergartens. The current study examines the results of the questionnaire administered to parents of local kindergartens in Yerevan and attempts to find out their expectation of proposed early English program in kindergarten settings and also aims at investigating the teaching English as a foreign language EFL to young learners.

It examines teaching English in Armenian kindergartens, in particular the use of authentic materials and how English is taught at this age. The subjects of this investigation were English language teachers from kindergartens and parents.

Thirty kindergartens were randomly selected for this purpose. From the selected kindergartens 6 did not participate in the research of which 2 kindergartens were private and 4 were public. The participants of the survey were 520 parents in total. The data were collected using 5 point Likert-scale for questionnaires and 4 point Likert scale for class observations. The findings from the observations reveal that the English teachers of private kindergartens have an access to new methods and approaches as the lessons are implemented with various authentic materials which encompass teaching songs, poems, and tales.

The material and books used by the teachers are mostly published by Oxford, Cambridge and Macmillan publication. Luiza Grigoryan Thesis Committee: Abstract This thesis aims at discovering the benefits of incorporating the educational casual computer games into the EFL settings. The purpose behind this is to explore a possibility of implementing this kind of innovation in language teaching approaches and curricula in an Armenian kindergarten.

The study was carried out in the Armenian public kindergarten in Yerevan. Two groups were selected for the study. From the results revealed via the pre and post-tests it could be inferred that the both experimental and the focus groups performed similarly during the pre and post-tests.

However, both groups indicated a significant improvement in the language proficiency from the pretest to the posttest in favor of posttest. Abstract Project-based instruction has been heralded as a most promising activity that can engage students into academic language and literacy skills. A growing body of evidence indicates that project learning thesis on teaching english as a foreign language the development of critical skills students must have to meet the demands of the 21st century.

However, there is scanty research on project-based instruction in general and on its effect on language achievement in particular.

Based on the review of related literature a null hypothesis was proposed at the beginning of the study. The participants of the study were nineteen EGP students studying at American University of Armenia, ages ranging from 16 to 35. The study was designed within the traditions of both qualitative and quantitative research.

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Of five instruments used in this study a pre — test, three achievement tests and open-ended questionnaire helped to obtain quantitative data and teacher observations and semi-structured interview helped to obtain qualitative data. Through the analysis of the data obtained from the tests it was revealed that both groups, regardless of being assigned project work or not, performed equally during the achievement tests they were given during the ten week course, i.

However, in the analysis of the questionnaire administered in the experimental group at the end of the classes, as well as he analysis of their responses to the interview questions it was found out that the students of the experimental group highly appreciate their experience of doing project work and working collaboratively with their peers. They found it beneficial for their studies and felt that it contributed greatly to their language achievement.

Karine Vardazaryan Thesis Committee: Blog use may offer a helpful tool for teaching foreign language writing. It focuses on three aspects of writing, i. Twenty five pre — intermediate Armenian students participated in the study.

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However, the study supports the previous research done in the field that blogging has the potential of becoming an effective tool for enhancing writing due to the data collected in this study through the questionnaire and interview.

Gayane Shabunts Thesis Committee: A Abstract Nowadays, technology has emerged into nearly all the spheres of our lives. Language teaching and learning is not an exception.

For having new developments and for making changes to better, there is always a need to explore, investigate and to experiment some things. The technological tools used in language teaching are not few.

One of those technological tools is video, the effective use of which is assured by many scholars.

  1. Students learn better and show higher achievement when they are under control. Reader This study sets out to investigate the influence of dialogue journal writing as a tool for alternative assessment in the Armenian EFL setting.
  2. Both the pre and the post test were administered in the two groups.
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  4. Marina Avagyan Thesis Committee. The chief aim of this study is to create interest about learning first and foreign language...
  5. The data collected through the questionnaire was analyzed both quantitavily and qualitatively.

The study tried to investigate to usefulness of the two types of video materials as compared to each other: The experiment was conducted within one group 10 participants. The students were exposed to both instructional and authentic videos. After each video activity they were given questionnaires, and after each two videos they were given a short test.

Thus, two types of data were obtained: The results of the data analysis showed that there is no significant difference in the usefulness of either type of the videos, whereas the interview revealed that the participants showed greater interest towards authentic video materials.

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Niery Nikoghosian Thesis Committee: The subjects in this study were 30 students 9-15 age range of English language courses of the Experimental English Classes in the American University of Armenia. Students were beginner language learners. At each of the 17 sessions, the subjects listened to the teacher telling a story and then they retold the story. At the beginning of the two- month semester, the students took an oral test which aimed to evaluate their oral proficiency before the treatment.

The findings of this study show that the students of the experimental group did not demonstrate improvement. Tatevik Mkhitaryan Thesis Committee: The quantitative data were collected through pre- and post-tests from the groups of business English courses at Eurasia International University EIU.

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The results of the quantitative analysis of between-group comparisons demonstrated no significant difference on average in performances of both groups during the pre- and post-tests, separately.

The results of the qualitative data showed that students were more motivated to learn business English vocabulary through the types of activities in the experimental group than the students in the comparison group. Karine Baghdasaryan Thesis Committee: The purpose of this research study, therefore, was threefold: Accordingly, this experimental study revealed the effect of a 7-week instructional treatment on speaking skill, in which speaking was addressed to be developed in terms of the integration of digital storytelling.

The study employed quasi-experimental design since the participants were not chosen randomly. They were placed at the appropriate level according to the results of a proficiency test. The instrumentations used for data collection constituted pre and post tests, an attitudinal questionnaire, and a semi-structured interview. Respectively, the study made use of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Tatevik Zargaryan Thesis Committee: A Abstract Performing a quick search for the definition of e-learning, we will be provided by a great number of relevant responses.

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Perhaps, the most concise definition is that e-learning is an approach that enhances and facilitates learning through the use of computer-based tools. From two groups involved in the study, the experimental group received the treatment, whereas the control group received placebo.

The effectiveness of the treatment was investigated through quasi-experimental research design. The study comprised both quantitative pre and post tests, attitudinal questionnaire and qualitative semi-structured interview data collection instruments. Furthermore, the results of the analysis of the questionnaire and the interview confirmed that learners had positive attitude towards the program, as it provided a learning environment that was fun, enjoyable, stress free and effective for improving their speaking skills.

Moreover, it was revealed that participants had a number of learning strategies that they used when creating their Vokis. Gayane Gabrielyan Thesis Committee: Two groups were involved in the study, the experimental and the comparison. In this study 22 EFL students were selected as a convenient sample.