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The younger generation in the twenty first

All we know is growing up in a world plagued by economic crashes, failed wars, and an obsession with terrorism.

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Findings from the marketing firm Frank N. Magid show we are the least likely to believe that there is such a thing as the American dream. According to a 2013 survey by the discount broker Ameritrade, 46 percent of us are concerned about student debt and 36 percent of us are worried about affording college at all.

Depression is on the rise.

The first generation of the 21st century is diverse and digital

Advertisement On the bright side, however, unknowns are shaping up to be a diverse, tolerant, and global generation. We grew up in untraditional households and multiracial families. A Ford Motor survey said that 58 percent of adults worldwide think that kids today have more in common with their global peers than with adults in their own country. We grew up with social media and YouTube channels.

The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century With Jack Myers

We want to participate with friends — and only friends — and we tolerate, not enjoy, Facebook. According to Millennial Branding, a research and management company, 53 percent of us prefer in-person communications over instant messaging or e-mail. We may even overcompensate on interpersonal skills and face-to-face contact, because we see millennials struggling with it. We want big-picture advertising in a few seconds and short bursts of different types of work, facts bound to change the workplace of the future.

Unknowns are also more independent, entrepreneurial, and pragmatic about money than millennials. We want fulfillment and excitement in our jobs, we want to move out from our parents, and we want close friends. They are parents and coaches, not friends. Of course, all of this might change.

The younger generation in the twenty first

Some of us are still wearing diapers. But whether we end up being another silent generation or Millennials 2. Isvari Mohan has just owned up to being a millennial imposter. She can be reached at voice isvari. Follow her on Twitter IsvariM.