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The paradoxical twins acme and omega electronics

Which firm should have won the final contract — Acme or Omega? The paradoxical twins describes two organizations, Acme and Omega Electronics that are competing for the same contract for manufacturing a memory unit to be used in a photocopier.

ACME and Omega case study Essay

Omega, having an organic structure, wins the race because they are able to produce higher quality memory unit. On the other hand, Acme having mechanistic structure seems less competent and less reliable because of its low quality memory unit which they are unable to produce in time and some of its prototypes fail to work.

But, both the company is given half the order, and they were encouraged to find the way to reduce the cost and Acme takes advantage of this opportunity to experiment to find ways to reduce its costs, whereas Omega does not. Omega may have won the battle, but Acme has won the war because its mechanistic structure fosters a concern for technical efficiency and cost reduction in what is a routine manufacturing environment.

The advantage of this strategy is that they can undersell their competition Omega by selling at a lower cost. Omega, on the other hand, is nearly too opposite.

The Paradoxical Twins Acme and Omega Electronics

They run a more organic structure, which relies heavily upon communication, delegation and teamwork. This strategy allows Omega to effectively compete with Acme by stressing reliability and by placing emphasis on quality.

Its mechanistic structure provided it with the management system and incentives needed to improve and reduce its manufacturing process, so that Acme won the final race over Omega. What changes would you recommend to Acme and Omega if they are to survive in the future in this increasingly competitive industry?

I wish to modify their organizational design. I think that in order for these two companies to survive they need to have a combination of organic and mechanistic structure.

The Paradoxical Twins: Acme and Omega Electronics

This is affecting Acme because there are missing some of the new ideas that their employees may have, and they are also forcing their workers to do the work which the top mangment as instructed. A combination of organic and mechanistic structure would give them better control and coordination of their employees and it will also motivate them and inspire a better behavior.

Another recommendation for Acme Corporation would be to balance differentiation and integration For these two companies to survive and be successful I recommend that if they are going to combine organic and mechanistic structures then they should have a balance between centralization and decentralization. Finally, these two companies should have a mixture of standardization and mutual understanding. Sometimes having too much of each may create an problem in corporate culture, therefore I would recommend to use a combination.

Management needs pay close attention to make sure that their organizational design fits with the corporate culture and the organizational environment that they are trying to create. How to cite this page Choose cite format:

  1. John Tyler, is an autocratic individual. They run a more organic structure, which relies heavily upon communication, delegation and teamwork.
  2. The Omega company should consider redesigning its organizational structure to become more functional in design in order to take advantage of economies of scale; in-depth skill knowledge and overall efficiency. Interdepartmental communication was only possible at management level.
  3. They are characterized by highly specialized tasks that tend to be rigidly defined, have hierarchical authority and control, and communications that primarily take the form of instructions and decisions issued by superiors to subordinates.
  4. At the same time critical decisions were made to skip normal quality control processes to stay on course. Omega's management believes in mutual adjustment, which is the practice of using judgment on problem solving and also creates an informal way of communicating with each other rather than using standardization or written rules.